The Windmills of Your Mind

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The Windmills of Your Mind

Post by newcastle »

Hard to believe this brilliant, and apposite, description of our PM is 2 years old!

….or a drunk, albino, walrus always groping women’s thighs…. :)))

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John Landon
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Re: The Windmills of Your Mind

Post by John Landon »


I don't fall for that upper class, two hat, bumbling buffoon persona he displays in public.

I saw he had a fresh haircut the other day, and it's clear to me that the stylist actually cuts his hair to make it look like that. !

What secrets lay behind the mask... ? 😎

I stopped voting after 1997 after I realised Blair was no different to the conservatives I had spent 20 years trying to vote out.

As this pandemic started, I realised my suspicions were correct, and there are many more fingers connected to the same hand than I first though. 😎
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Re: The Windmills of Your Mind

Post by A-Four »

Well, just before he became P.M., I warned everyone on here that this character was a central player in the Bullingham Club along with Cameron and Osbourne. Neither of them could accept defeat then, even when they thought they could bully everyone in sight, and that was just at university,.......and I don't just mean other students.
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