Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

What is it like to live in Luxor? Share your experiences of Luxor's culture.

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Mad Dilys
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by Mad Dilys »

Dusak wrote:The main problem is, is that they view this site most days to pass away the long hours of not doing much and they see how us ex-pats are so deliriously happy and content with our lives here that they continually try and pee on our parade. But we will overcome all forms of adversity for we shall not be moved.
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by Robbo70 »

Ive never had a problem with either of them. I did live opposite the lighter skinned one for a while and she used to holler over the balcony to come over for a cuppa. I also offer to come back tomorrow for the visa so there is no rush which seems to please her. Gives her more time for a brew and a phone call apparently :D
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by A-Four »

Don't forget her birthday though Robbo, and yes it is even the same year as you know who.
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by carrie »

You know all the time I have lived here I have never had any problems with either of the two ladies in the passport office. One time I forgot to renew my visa and was over a month late the lady explained that I would have to pay a fine, that was OK with me because it was my fault,then she said wait a minute and wrote a letter that she asked me to sign, took it to the Manager and came back and said the fine had been cancelled. What more can you ask. I go early in the morning to give them time to do the visa and always go back at 2 to collect it. A friend of mine was visiting here from Turkey the other week and the performance they have to go to there to get a visa beggers belief. Perhaps that we should just be more grateful that what ever the problems some may have, we certainly get a visa much easier than an Egyptian would when applying to go the UK.
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Winged Isis
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by Winged Isis »

It's not just Egyptians who have trouble: ... 2grlz.html

A friend has had this ridiculous and frustrating experience recently. Her husband has been working there for over two years, and she and their adult offspring go over regularly in their university holidays, so they can travel around Europe regularly. They waited over four months, her passport held all that time!

No comments about Aussies being unwelcome, thank you! :D
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by Dusak »

I sympathize with you Winged Isis as I think that all peoples from our friendly nations should receive a fair priced fast track service towards an extended visa. As for the asylum seekers, and I can sympathize with their plight, I think that they should all be placed on the Isles of Man in relative comfort so they are all contained within a controlled area then divert the empty mansions that become available to those born and bred on our most hallowed soil. This would not save money as such, but crime would decrease, the long queues at the benefit agencies would diminish thus allowing our own needy to get to their local quicker for the first pint and to place their bets on at the bookies. I see on the news this morning that the UK is bringing back the food stamps which will be printed in 17 different languages. If they were all transported to the IoM this would negate this requirement on mainland Britain so our own would be first in the food queue. The only problem I see with these coupons is the fighting and arguments that would ensue at the tills in KZ and 40's as our friends with benefits that ''live'' over here attempt to cash them in.
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Chocolate Eclair
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Re: Visas to stay in Luxor long-term

Post by Chocolate Eclair »

WI, Australia has always been a bit of a thorn in the side unless you are an Asylum Seeker.

To get a Visa to emigrate and work in Australia is around 16,000 English pounds, but for an English person to get one you have to attend a seminar and give a speech in English to prove you can speak English, you have to be able to prove you can speak fluent English, even though you have been educated and lived in England all your life. You then need to prove your skills and its then when they decide if your skills are required in Australia, in the points system, following that, prove you can keep yourselves.

If you can get a sponsor proves a little easier.

There is a Visa for aged parents to enable them to join their sons or daughters in Australia, but again you need to be a Lottery Winner.

Then once there you need to get over the fact of the Australian Male, well what can you say about them, ever seen the fly on the wall series Sylvania Waters, that says it all, cannot see why the females in Australia put up with the male chauvinistic, arrogant, self centered, bombastic, species. I once worked with Ozzie men and had them all fired within 10 days. Sorry WI but I have to speak has I find. And that is all I found with Ozzie men nothing else at all, all surfboards, beer and barbies......
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