Power cuts.

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Power cuts.

Post by Dusak »

Today we are on day 10 of multiple power cuts every 24 hours. At first they stated that a fire at the main generating plant in Esna required our power to be diverted to this area. The government stated thursday last week would see the end of the shortages, that was 5 days ago. It seem strang that 5 days before these cuts started I saw on the main news channel that Egypt was 1 of 3 countries that had agreed to sell electricity to another country that was in a power crisis. Unfortynately this was on the bottom news buzz bar, so did not see which country it was. May be a coincidence, but if the payment is in $ then it's a good chance this is the reason, just guessing.

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Re: Power cuts.

Post by Major Thom »

Must be terrible in this heat, I remember after the Revolution the power cuts and how uncomfortable it was. But it seems any new will do, Egyptian Streets were reporting 800 deaths in the Moroccan Earthquake, ever other Country was reporting over 2000. How can they get it so wrong.
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