Clock change and Cairo airport

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Clock change and Cairo airport

Post by Chris »

I flew into Cairo airport yesterday evening and was getting more and more confused because although the airlines had changed there flight times to accommodate the clocks going forward by one hour on Friday morning all the clocks and departure boards were showing the old time. Of course Egyptair flight was, as usual, delayed, this time by 1.5 hours with no information being given out about the delay. When I did get onboard I was worried to see all these mechanics going in and out of the cockpit and scrambling around on the deck with their torches! Fortunately the flight was ok but 1.5 hours late arriving to Luxor

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Re: Clock change and Cairo airport

Post by Teddyboy »

"I was worried to see all these mechanics going in and out of the cockpit"

It can be rather disconcerting!
I well remember once changing from EgyptAir to Sinai Airways (or Sinai Air?) at Cairo, bound for Aswan. There was one bloke on a step ladder with an engine flap up, poking around inside, while a pair of boiler-suited legs were protruding from under the dashboard in the cockpit. They both came and went several times before giving the thumbs-up to the Captain and the doors closed.
After taxiing for a full 10 feet(!) the plane stopped and the mechanics got to work again! All of this time, the stewardess was doing her very best trying to stop overhead locker doors falling open, but gave up after a while, and let them hang loose.
Eventually we got away with much fear and trepidation. We did, eventually, land at Aswan safe and sound.
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