The Dart Mission..

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The Dart Mission..

Post by Who2 »

Well that's probably the biggest news this planet has received for many a year.
Hitting an object 7 million miles away, pretty stunning imho.

A Canadian soldier probably using an American Barratt costing ($10,000) shot dead a man just over 2 miles away.
Oh! in Iraq...

The Dart Mission cost $350 million for hitting an object less than a mile wide, that's pretty cheap per mile. imho..
And far more useful than sending men to the moon imho..'mind you ! there's Velcro, memory foam,
electrolytic silver iodizer, miniaturization, the portable computer, LED's ? rechargeable hearing aid batteries and
probably much more.

Mind you they never explained 'how they wiped their bums ? Still ponders my mind....

I heard that the guy who disrupted Her Maj's lying in state, defence was that 'he wanted to check if she was
really dead'
pull the other one.. 8)

Ps: It reminds me of that spoiled brat of Bryan Ferry who should have been 'skewered by the master at arms.
(Sir something useless) in The House of Commons.
Those guys guarding the coffin must have been half asleep. I'd've have stabbed him with me pike...useless sods... 8)

Pss: Our government lost £4 billion pounds £ £ ££
....on unusable PPE, it's all been burnt, gone up in smoke...

P*ss: $350 million dollars ? peanuts, cheap as chips...

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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