A short history of Tomb Raiding.

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A short history of Tomb Raiding.

Post by Who2 »

Now, I thought I had already posted about this...

Anyhow my mate Maria has knocked out another tome.
It's a great read but.......on page 72 explains a great deal about the story I am to divulge..

Once upon a time:..
Many years ago, Nick & myself were perusing the wares down through the souk..

A little kid ran up speaking in perfect english saying...

"Excuse me, you know when you keep calling your friend ?
"Nick look at this, ear Nick, check this this out"

Nick staring down at him from a great height above..
"So what ? What's it got to do with you ? "

'Well' chirps up the kid "In arabic nik means f*ck"
Nick: "f*ck off that's a load of old bo**ocks'... p*ss off"

By this time we are both highly intrigued, me "So what does george mean then ?"
He chirps up "drawer."..

Turns out his mum from Cairo, once had an american lover, he was 'streetwise and about 10 years old.
He was funny we have him 20le.

Anyhow Nick, nik and Maria's book...page 72...

http://www.reaktionbooks.co.uk/display. ... 1789146295


Mind you, when there I still call him Nick. It suits him and it's a laugh.... 8)

Ps: Maria @ JJ's, those stools now reside in my bar..just saying..

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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