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Post by Who2 »

When I was an Ambulance Man now read Paramedic, a copper on an emergency robbery drove his motor-bike
(at high speed) I hast to add, into the last one 1ft of my ambulance,
whilst I, was jumping a red light on the way to a motorway pileup.

It's a long story, he ended upside down in a shop doorway with a fractured tibia.
I ended up in court represented by top union barristers.

We lost obviously, but the rules on emergency vehicles running red lights was then altered.

Anyhow later the same copper Mick Grey got shrapnel in his back whilst running away from a car bomb.
Round the back of HMP Maidstone. ( the soldier did it) a nutter ptsd.
He snidely commented whilst stretchered "Oh! no not you again" I accidently dropped my end...honest.

I found this fascinating article:

All the coppers hated him as he was "On his way up straight from Hendon with connections..

Funny how my brain works it's all down to the autobiography, and Essex Ambulance moaning about
cab height restrictions. ffs... 8)

Ps: One of the little union court concession was, I would take an instructed police hendon driving course.
I jumped at it, driving a dust cart and a 3ltr vauxhall ventura estate like a lunatic around the highways and byways of Kent. "immense fun.,,trust me..
He even improved my habit of driving with my knees whilst rolling a fag.

Our dust carts, gypsies liked them as well.. 8)

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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