Egypt, a new innovation from covid waste

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Egypt, a new innovation from covid waste

Post by Dusak »

Just been watching an interesting news item concerning the billions of discarded face masks and disposable gloves. Researchers at the America university of Cairo have developed a new form of concrete containing the chopped remnants of the masks and gloves. It reduces the carbon foot print of standard concrete by 10%, strengthens the mix, helps prevent shrinkage and cracking in later life. I estimate there are enough of these new components outside my front door for a bucket full of this new mix.

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Re: Egypt, a new innovation from covid waste

Post by newcastle »

The inclusion of shredded face mask can improve ductility, flexibility and strength of various aggregates.

The technology has been known for some time and has been employed, for example, in asphalting and other civil engineering uses.

Going by the usage of face masks in Egypt, I can’t see it making much impact in the construction industry :lol:.....but watch out for the tell tale loops of white cotton and flashes of blue when you’re negotiating the Ram’s Road :ct
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