Fathers' Day & Intercultural Relationships ?

Discuss the problems that can occur in relationships with differing cultures and help overcome any barriers that exist.

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Fathers' Day & Intercultural Relationships ?

Post by Who2 »

Oh! God she might back !!
6 months bliss, clean tidy peaceful decluttered beer books bliss..oh! and no 'brutus killing my furniture.

Simona the b..... transylvanian architect alcoholic daughter came North for a facial botox job ???
And take Daddy out for a reckless afternoon.
The 1st: Me explaining to new Sara just 'Whose that taking our picture ?
"Oh! that's my daughter Sim, 'she's a nutter, you'll crack-on"
Then me apologising to Gareth, for Simona they are old friends. He knows..
Explaining to Sara (an Italien) more of Simona's heritage...
Later they were observed 'dancing in the street together..

So, she could be earning £60k per annum or stay on the £££45k per annum, decisions, decisions decisions.
Working from home or basically my office, which was my office for 15 years.
It's a nice office, but I'll probably opt for the 'pain and the cash' I'll up her rent!!!

The next pub she dragged me to The Exmouth Arms had our mates the managers of
The Wilmington PH sitting outside in the sun, So drinks all round.

She Simona was in tears a few times, drinking, drugs, sun, and being an eastern european from Transylvania..
Oh! and reliving her fond memories of her and her Clerkenwell mates.

On the way home I got her to take a picture of the 'Best Closed Pub'
The Old China Hand standing where this photographer would have been positioned.
She would lean against this tree ranting and drunkenly harangue the pub for some unknown
and unintelligible reason known only to herself..
the pub had a 2am licence all the local bar staff would gather there after their shifts.
Very European and intercultural, drunks abounded everywhere speaking many loud languages.
great fun..... 8)

Ps: The owner is an ex-pat Rowena from hong kong, great fun very wealthy
she's been in lockdown in her very own huge Country House retreat center.tbc...

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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