Melting Pot.

Discuss the problems that can occur in relationships with differing cultures and help overcome any barriers that exist.

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Melting Pot.

Post by Who2 »

Just heard on al-jaz that 500,000 (that's half a million) refugees have entered Sudan from Ethiopia.

Jesus Sudan ? and half of that lot are moving North, read the West.
I mean half of Brits live abroad these days, and all humanity comes here, to earn money to send home to their families.
Oh! and escape being killed one way or another.

So, listen to the words you'll remember them...unless dyslexia has already got its grip on you.

Madeline Bell came over here because of Dusty Springfield and her love for all things R&B.

Once and if we beat this pandemic which seems highly unlikely, whatever they say.
And when and if we develop a resistance, there will be some great street food markets around.

Mind you, if you are running away, an Island is a pretty good place to come, I'd av once thought!
Anyhow just a thought! "No man is an Island on the Island of Ireland. ffs..'happy st patrick's day!!

It's a great rare version of Melting Pot, I knew Herbie Flowers..
Oh! and, I never mentioned Harry or Megan once.....have a good day.... 8)

Ps: I see Dominic Cummings is having his payback...ha!
This just popped up had to share it, makes me cry..

He died of a virus..

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"