Egypt halts hot air ballooning in Luxor after incident

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Egypt halts hot air ballooning in Luxor after incident

Post by DJKeefy »

Egypt has suspended hot air ballooning rides over ancient sites in Luxor after strong winds took 11 tourists off course the day before and forced them to land in the country's southern desert.

Local authorities said on Friday the rides would not resume until an investigation is completed.

The tourists — five Indians, four Chinese, a British and an Egyptian — were ballooning over ancient temples when the strong winds blew them westward into the desert. Their pilot managed to regain control of the balloon and they eventually landed safely.

Egyptian officials say ballooning companies are being inspected for adherence to safety measures. The official spoke on condition of anonymity under regulations.

Hot air ballooning over Luxor is popular, with balloons taking nearly 360 tourists over the city every day.


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Re: Egypt halts hot air ballooning in Luxor after incident

Post by John Landon »

We had a similar incident a few years ago, and ended up far in the Eastern desert a long way from anywhere..
It was interesting to say the least, I saw some sand covered structures out in the desert which I am still wondering today what they were.
Probably relics from the old days, before desertification. I did find a couple of lumps of what looked like cooled lava as well..

I'm sure one of the other L4U memebers were on that flight.
We crash landed just before we hit a small mountain. No one was hurt but many were terrified.

I just watched the Pilots face, he was pretty cool and seemed to have the situation under control, well as much control as you can with a Hot air ballon and changing winds..

It took a long time to get back to Luxor town after we were eventaully picked up form the outskirts of some remote village..

Anyway, no one cmplaind and ballon flights carried on as normal.. Times they are a changing I guess. ?

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Re: Egypt halts hot air ballooning in Luxor after incident

Post by BBLUX »

A few years ago a balloon went way over the hills behind the VOK and crash landed in rough terrain. It took the army with helicopters to rescue them. No one was badly hurt but they were out there for about 3 hours and had very little water. Flights were suspended then until the winds had settled and new restrictions on weather parameters were imposed.
Commercial pressures to operate clashing with the weather safety parameters.
The balloon company insurance policies had to be seriously changed as the army refused to make any further rescues unless they were properly covered by the correct insurance.

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Re: Egypt halts hot air ballooning in Luxor after incident

Post by Major Thom »

Not again????

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