Poor Sudan

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Poor Sudan

Post by Hafiz »

Poor Sudan.

If you are a weak poor country full of chaos expect all the local brutes to stick their fingers in to get what they want.

Here is what Foreign Policy, a specialist diplomacy magazine, says:

“Sudan’s descent into bloody anarchy in recent days has been partly brokered by Middle Eastern countries that are filling the power vacuum” https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/06/05/ar ... racy-push/

These non-democracies aren’t going to help Sudan become a democracy, they want it to stay the fundamentalist- Islamic, murder central its been since 1989. Claims that the protestors are dangerous is madness – they have no guns and no police or troops have been shot.

The only exception of leaders in the region seems to be the ‘too good to be true’ Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed (Christian and Muslim parents, a successful general, a tolerant liberal and superbly educated) who is in Khartoum now to negotiate peace but we will have to see with him. He is bound to fail because straight after the civilian leaders met with him they were arrested which shows that the brutes are deliberately breaking his efforts

Maybe Sisi should leave his Hitlerbunker mini-state in Heliopolis and go to Sudan and negotiate a peace. When did peace and stability in its neighbors ever meet any Egyptian need. If he left command central it might be his first trip out of his bunker since his Washington trip but Sisi’s trips are well structured around the principles of security overkill – squared –with hardly any outings the one square mile he controls because he is a man terrified of his own people except when surrounded by troops with fake meetings with casting central citizens. He doesn’t even like press conferences – in fact he hates even media one on one’s because his verbal and thinking skills are very limited.

The Pope has called for peace but al Azhar and the Coptic Pope are mute even (possibly dumb) though they have followers in Sudan. How unusual for them to be silent in the face of evil. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pope ... SKCN1TA0CA

The US is cretiniously silent but has dispatched an Asst Secretary of State in the past few days to do on-the-ground punching. He won’t be visiting Egypt but will go everywhere else. Part of this problem is caused by the US because Obama lifted some sanctions on Sudan and Trump lifted the lot without any commitments to run other than a charnel house. The overall US policy with 2 Presidents seems stupid. https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles ... -and-sudan although they are still on the US terror list and therefore World Bank and IMF funding is not available which means they are caught between a rock and a hard place. The US has said in the past few months that Sudan will not get any UN/Western money until the military get out of the way. I guess if the Gulf have a score of billions they could try and fill that gap. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-sudan ... KKCN1TD1HY

The ‘existing’ military leadership of Sudan is drenched with blood and addicted to fixing problems in the only way they know. Three decades of bloodshed and stupid military management have broken the country for all but the elite.

The military offers to collaborate with civilians and help a transition to democracy are laughable lies. They want their power and won’t give it up without a huge fight and they have all the guns.

Russia of course is doing what it does best: “Russia said on Thursday it opposed foreign intervention in Sudan and the authorities in Khartoum must subdue what it described as extremists” Presumably extremists are democrats – or they would be inside Russia. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-sudan ... KKCN1T70WO

One can assume that Egypt is doing all it can to ensure the Sudanese war-crimes-military friends, stay in power and sufficient democrats are killed to make that happen. Why would Egypt want a democracy on its borders? Wouldn’t that be a threat to the Egyptian military Junta’s existence – and its wealth and power?

Commentators are certain Egypt is fanning the blood but proof is lacking. At the moment the Egypt and Sudan are unified in their common poison and why should that change?

The Gulfies and their two trigger happy kid rulers – UAE and Saudi – can be relied on in this case to support the war criminals and fail as they always otherwise fail but not before a deal of blood. They back the war criminals – in private. With these two creatures on your side defeat is guaranteed but they have Iran and its involvement in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf waterways and Gaza to worry about as a threat to their very existence and the existence of dictatorships in their countries as the preferred ‘way of life’ for the region. However t heir armies and Air Forces are so bad they have little ability to impose power whilst they create chaos with their arms and money - $US250-500 deposit from the UAE with $US1-2 billion to follow for the military. They will be forces to supply just money and arms for fear the world will spot their troops in Sudan.

Meanwhile the Egyptian Brotherhood, a terrorist organization according to Sisi, is calling for transition to democracy and the removal of power from the military. https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20190 ... ede-power/. So the Egyptian government supports people who commit genocide and the Brotherhood wants elections. Ever thus. One runs a country and the other is hunted down with thousands of life sentences in a court system run by brutes.

Lets be clear the military regime in Sudan conducted a genocide/war crimes all over the country but particularly in Darfur and very often against civilians, children and women. It is difficult for a westerner to understand the random and sadistic violence used. Here is the area – Egypt helped them in this horror. Near universally this Darfur genocide was by the Arab government attacking non-Arab tribes, Whether there were Muslim/non-Muslim divisions is hard to tell.


The former President for 29 years, Bashir, was a regular visitor/beggar to Sisi and is a wanted war criminal whom the Arab League ‘has announced its solidarity with al-Bashir’ And they want our protection, armies and trade and demand UN protection when it suits them but won’t fulfill their legal obligations. Egypt refused to arrest him as they are required as a signatory to the Geneva Convention and the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court.

Deaths under Bashir were 100,000-400,000 and refugees ranged from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000. About 400,000 are currently in refugee camps too frightened to leave and not well fed by the UN. https://www.jww.org/conflict-areas/sudan/darfur/ These weren’t terrorists and they barely had guns.

Killings of unarmed civilians in Darfur by the government controlled Janjaweed militia are still happening as recently as a few days ago. Brave chaps those Janjaweed killing primitive women and children.

Another 2,000,000 were killed in Bashir’s civil war with a barely armed South Sudan following which North Sudan has been ‘playing games’ in the South with tens of thousands of others killed. The big effect of the separation of North and South is that the North lost most of its oil/gas reserves, substantial, and was left a beggar state run by hopeless managers and brutes. This made they dependent on assistance from Egypt and the Gulf and the military failed in keeping the country together.

The violent suppression of Christianity was also part of Bashir’s ‘bag of trick’s well supported by the new military faces that hang onto power. Slavery was also widespread together with lashings for ‘religious crimes’. https://2001-2009.state.gov/p/af/rls/rpt/2002/10445.htm. Unexpectedly the numbers of Christians boomed the more the Sudanese extremists enforced their rule as did the determination of the Christian South Sudan to split the country. https://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/15/worl ... -apostasy/. The west was silent on this matter.

Egypt sells itself as a tourist mecca but its immediate neighbor is a sad human abattoir – possibly the worst in the world. It requires great moral blindness to ignore this and that the Junta in Egypt has supported the blood soaked mess for 30 years.

Lets be clear. The blood letting in Sudan is the worst in the world and extends over a long period. It exceeds the crimes in Syria that have attracted so much attention from a febrile West that has no idea of how barbaric some people can be.

Chemical weapons, source of them unclear, were frequently used by Sudan on civilians as recently as 2016. http://worldwithoutgenocide.org/genocid ... r-genocide. In Syria their use leads to air strikes but in Sudan nothing.

Multiple indictments for crimes against humanity met with a Sudan refusal to arrest them backed by Egypt and the Gulfies who said the court was biased against Muslims/Africans/Sudanese and other diversionary rot. They demand the UN protection and benefits that we in the west pay for but accept none of the responsibilities.

The government used agents in Darfur and other places – the Janjaweed, irregulars not in uniform but clearly under military control – they used helicopters. The ‘good’ thing about them is the government could always say ‘it wasn’t me’ and western idiots and the UN would believe them. These performed most of the crimes against humanity and has attacked deep into Chad to kill more Darfur people. Some parts of this charnel corps have split off from the government and are now even more out of control than words can describe.

The Generals then changed their mind and started killing again because their offer to manage a transition to democracy was pushed until its façade fell away. The creatures unleashed in this new phase in the last week are the same war criminal Janjaweed to do the worst of the worst on unarmed civilians – 100-200 dead we don’t know because a lot of the bodies were dumped in the Nile.

Because the world is watching they need a rationale to pass muster to justify the killings so they say they say they have been ‘put down’ multiple coups in the past weeks – rot because the protestors don’t have guns, tanks, armored personal carriers nor weapons of mass destruction that their immortal military rulers have in spades. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-suda ... SKCN1TE2IM. Its a rerun to propoganda 101 that Sisi used to grab power from Morsi - we are better than the violent alternative. Odd they give this reason well after the event so we can assume they are unskilled idiots in the PR game of hanging onto power. PR 101 - timing is everything and keep your lies close in time to the actions you want to deny.

Like the Egyptian Special Forces (far from competent) and many troops who were on the streets in 2011 the Janjaweed are so proud that they conceal their identity with cloth.


Note they are not short of automatic/semi-automatic guns. Russian Kalashnikovs maybe.

The military Junta says the latest round of killings is if terrorists, gangsters, criminals and drug dealers and this is not denounced by the West for the PR tosh it is. In reality the majority of the demonstrators are middle class tertiary educated secularists who oppose Bashir’s 3 decades of Islamic fundamentalism, one party state incompetence. Note that the mullah’s are backing the Junta and calling the holy believers out onto the streets to kill the gangsters and give themselves eternal life. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-suda ... SKCN1TB1VK

And its bigoted to denounce major parts of Islam as little short of evil.

Here is a censored description of the ‘fine work’ of these ‘fine chaps’ who are now in control/now dominate Sudan – the close friends of the Egyptian military. On not one occasion in 20 years has the Government of Egypt criticized or deplored this systematic killing in Darfur by Janjaweed.

‘Attacks on Darfuri villages commonly begin with Sudanese Air Force bombings. Air campaigns are often followed by Janjaweed militia raids. All remaining village men, women, and children are either murdered or forced to flee. Looting, burning food stocks, enslaving and raping women and children, and stealing livestock are common. Dead bodies are tossed in wells to contaminate water supplies and entire villages are burned to the ground.”

Dagalo, one of the new military leaders (probably second in control, one time livestock trader and likely next President if things stay the same), is a Janjaweed capo which is like putting Dracula in charge of a human body. https://www.france24.com/en/20190605-su ... alo-future. If he is not a probable war criminal then I’m not he. Given his livestock background its near certain that beatings, coarse jugular killings and tying up humans will be second nature.

If their military system falls over there will be scores and possibly hundreds of prosecutions for genocide. They know this and also their money will be taken from them.

I’ve been in the Sudan and it’s a hell hole, 24 year old army captains behaving like a gnat on Benzedrine with the power over life and death. Men with left hands severed for theft and there is no alcohol – not even in the UK Embassy – I know, I asked. An insane, poor place with US aid workers hiring helicopters to drop hundreds of condoms on villages and towns. That US worker was certifiably mad – but quite amusing in a Life of Brian type of way.

I expect that Egypt will fund and arm the Janjaweed, assassinate liberal leaders, use its satellites to give them information on movements and do everything it can to ensure that the Ethiopian PM fails because he is one of their mortal enemies. The internet and telephones will be blocked and the western embassies stay stum.

If Ethiopia succeeds and builds an alliance with a new civilian government that will be a major threat to Egypt’s power over its former colony and source of millions on slaves.

Meanwhile in the folds of this is the last democratically elected PM of Sudan, the grandson of the Madhi - Sadiq al-Mahdi. Last known of in exile in Egypt, superbly educated, a liberal and with no blood on his hands he is too old at 83 to be other than a figurehead. Now he’s back in Sudan but sure to get shot. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-suda ... SKCN1OI2EU He supports the civilian revolution that is underway. https://www.voanews.com/a/sudan-sadiq-a ... 16830.html.

In 1970 the ‘great Mubarak’ as head of the Egyptian Air Force bombed Sadiq on his family island, Aba, and killed about 10,000 civilians. A big achievement for an Air Force that always looses when it fights people who have guns or planes. He may have used illegal weapons of mass destruction – gas – the same as he certainly used on civilians in the Yemen War. A war criminal twice and a third time for betraying his people. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/ ... irefox-b-d and https://books.google.com.au/books?id=Q6 ... ak&f=false

Another example of Mubarak’s barbarity which followed his dropping of identical illegal weapons on civilians in Yemen – 7,000-11,000 killed in a lost war. Wonder what the ‘Divine’ and (in)Humane Suzanne and the kids made of that. Whether Sisi is put up on crimes against humanity is an ongoing issue. Lets hope for justice.

Bashir the genocidist has been in jail for several months but his military mates tried to spirit him out, and probably to Saudi where the Tunisian monster lives in state and that great Muslim Idi Amin lived in luxury. I bet that’s where Bashir will end up pulling strings and creating chaos from a distance to the advantage of his Saudi hosts.

The African Union suspension of Sudan is a joke – they have no power, no sanctions, no freezing of bank accounts as they did the same to Sisi – for a millisecond.

The former colonial power, the UK, is as silent as the grave and chooses to not use its seat on the Security Council to propose the sanctions etc which might force an early result without blood. Seizing their Swiss bank accounts or those held in the 10 Crown Colonies/sleaze pits might do no damage.

On this forum many will fully support the blood soaked Sudanese Junta because they have either been silent on its retarded Egyptian cousin or rant on about how ‘everyone should travel to beautiful Egypt’ rot. If they are consistent and rational they must support the two but I fear they are neither.

Separatism/civil war in South Sudan, Darfur and in the past 40 years shows both how fragile Sudan is and how brutal, authoritarian, and military regimes are rarely the answer to the question ‘what is the government doing for me’. As in Egypt the Christians have been running out for 40 years.

It’s a diverse and fragmented country and a new version of the military dictatorship supported by Saudi and Egypt will fix no more than that hapless failure Bashir did. Whether Mubarak Mark 2 in Egypt will do any better I leave to you but think he’s headed for another Judgment Day where his once godly powers will be exposed to the light as mere low rent, selfish, provincial, idiocy. If so he will join a long list of waste-of-space African and Middle Eastern troglodytes.

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Re: Poor Sudan

Post by crewmeal »

I wonder if this guy was dreading returning to Sudan

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/worl ... 60086.html

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