Egypt Bleeds With And For The Palestinians.

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Egypt Bleeds With And For The Palestinians.

Post by Hafiz »

Egypt Bleeds With And For The Palestinians.

Rot. Except if you live in Egypt and read and believe the propaganda media.

The head of the UN aid agency, UNRWA, that provides the aid that the US is now withdrawing has been in Cairo – probably looking for replace the US money with money from Egypt which he never got from Egypt in the past and won’t get now.

Egypt may bear some responsibility (a prohibited word in Egypt) for the current disaster because it used to head up the ‘management committee’ UNRWA and we know what Egypt’s management skills are like:

“The Commissioner-General of UNRWA thanked Egypt for its support during its chairmanship of UNRWA's Advisory Committee last year”

The UNRWA chap seems to have the diplomatic and management skills of a postage stamp so talking to Shoukry, the Egyptian FM, must be a meeting of souls.

His Imperial Egyptian Foreigness said:

“expressed Egypt's "deep concern about the humanitarian situation of the Palestinian refugees, which is becoming more difficult by the day, especially with the increasing restrictions on UNRWA, rendering it unable to fulfill its important role to care about vital and necessary refugee affairs."

He also expressed strong support for UNRWA’s role but no interest in helping them do their job. Don’t these fools realize that an economically viable and better educated Gaza lessens the Jihadi terrorist threat to Egypt? Even Israel makes this connection but their Foreign Minister is not a bombastic brute like Egypt’s. ... -for-gaza/

The Times of Israel runs a different story and says that the UN asked for money during this visit. ... s-history/

The Saudi gazette is clear that he is appealing for funds. ... -for-funds

Others add to the story and indicate that he was in Cairo not to get Egyptian blood out of a stone but money from the Arab League – no chance, their Mercs are very expensive to maintain. ... ort-agenda

But there was no Egyptian money or any offer to use Egyptian influence on the US to restore the money or influence on any other country to up their contributions. There was nothing.

The Yanks have withdrawn their state funding for the Palestinians, funding the UNRWA have been getting from the west for 7 decades, much of which has been stolen by the corrupt Palestinian leadership and has ended up in projects that didn’t help the people. The need for oceans of money each year arises also from corrupt and stupid government that has done less than little to develop the Palestinian economy. It is also possible that 6-7 decades of aid have created a welfare dependency and they do receive twice the amount of aid per head (I think its more) than any other country in the world – including poorer African countries. ... lestinians

Key facts:

1. The money is overwhelmingly US money broken up into state funding and NGO funding. The western NOG’s who derive their funding independently and who operate on their own are extensive but I can’t find a list of them.

2. The rich Gulf States have given trivial amounts. Australia gives twice the amount of Saudi and the US nearly 50 times. Qatar gives nearly 1/400th of the US. ... anking.pdf The Red Crescent has given not a single penny to the UN agency UNWRA, (created 1948) that manages the whole mess. Saudi has given 750 times the amount to Egypt in the last few years than it gives to Palestine in a single year.

3. Egypt has given absolutely nothing 1/20,000th of the US contribution and 1/400th of the Australian contribution yet its 'their' region and they bluster speeches of loyalty and brotherhood to the Palestinians - but do little or nothing.

4. Whilst the Red Cross is active the Red Crescent has done very little. Like the region and the religion in general the Red Crescent, although it maintains a palace in Geneva and diplomatic status, controls little – possibly nothing. There is a Palestinian Red Crescent which runs hospitals and gets a deal, possibly most, of its money from UNRWA and there are occasional moderately large and often one off theatrical donations, like food for Ramadan, from the Red Crescent in Kuwait, UAE and Qatar. I can find no record on WNWRA’s data base of a single penny from Egypt which is not surprising because the Egyptian Red Crescent does little in Egypt, is under military/Junta/government control, doesn’t behave like a proper NGO and is stacked with insiders/useless people. The edicts of the Quran, the Surah’s and the Muslim religion state that charity is the Third Pillar of Islam. This is a complete fiction in practice.

5. Qatar has done a deal of practical building although its motives and the beneficiaries are debatable.

6. Because most Arab nations have minimal community NGO’s their NGO activity in Palestine is close to zero. Islamic and Catholic relief agencies from North America and the UK give money and do work. There is not a single Egyptian NGO doing anything now or in the past in Palestine. There is no evidence that at any stage al Azhar was contributed from its substantial resources or called for its Egyptian or other brethren to give from their own pockets.

7. As dreadful and poor as Palestine is and as nasty as their government is it maintains a huge network of its own non-government controlled NGO’s – including even in animal welfare. Other countries, one in particular, of course, hate NGO’s, suppress independent unions and control a sad list of state sponsored NGO’s whose only job is to agree with the government – and with some posters on this forum.

8. The US funding cuts can easily be offset by trivial increases from rich western countries and the Gulfies giving at a rate which reflects their wealth. Maybe Egypt could increase its contribution by 1000% to 1 million dollars – 1/200th of the cost of a gaggle of new French executive jets Sisi bought himself to trip around and for his ‘friends’ within their huge country on their unremitting travels to meet their people face to face.

I never had a positive view of the governments in the region but did not have a negative view of Islam. I am starting to change my mind because I cannot see much evidence of compassion and mercy – just a lot of blind anger and selfishness. Maybe this is just the leadership of the religion, if it has a leadership, but I wonder whether the general people living in ruthless and venal political environments become corrupted by them.

Sawiris a few years ago wanted to buy a Greek island for housing and feeding Syrian refugees. Everyone knew it was just a stunt to get positive media for himself in the West and the Greeks and Red Cross said it was rot. He and his fellow Egyptian billionaires have not given a single penny I can find to the Palestinians who live on their doorstep. There are Christians in Palestine, c. 50,000 and under pressure. I cannot find a single effort by Egyptian Christians, including Copts, to help them with the exception of the Catholics. Eg ... palestine/. The Pontifical Mission for Palestine was established in 1949 and to this day works to feed, clothe and educate Palestinian refugees, Caritas their biggest welfare agency has been there since 1967, it has always taken a strong position on the Israeli displacement of Palestinians and the creeping Israeli settlements/theft. ... estinians/, it provides free legal defence services to Palestinians and other minorities against annexation and house demolitions. There are related others most with US donation money – not the money of the former colonial power. ... k-and-gaza I can find not a single thing the Copts are doing.

The region, but not Egypt, is a be-hive of NGO’s many run by political obsessives and naive US college fools on furlough. Some are better than others – particularly those who deliver practical things like food, housing, medicine and education. Whilst many do none of that but stir up trouble or posture in the US press, some of the above are ‘old hands’ who live there and know something. Unlike the Church of England the micks have always had a strong view on 1946 and the Balfour Declaration – an imperial vivisection of the Middle East followed by a botched British administration leading to injustice. ... nd-israel/ - written by a US based IT person – I agree with it in only small part because it ignores the rabid and hysterical anti-Semitism of Nasser. The view on Naguib seems sound, he was a good man got rid of by Nasser and locked up for 30 years)

UPDATE. His Imperial Foreigness (now relieved of responsibility for Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Israel and maybe everything else except public appearances and deceptive speeches by General Kamal/Kamel, Sisi’s friend and now head of the all powerful Military Intelligence - he is even a failure in no minimum standards Egypt) has been in New York with his Imperial President (no media outside Egypt have covered even their bodily functions in NYC but have noticed General Kamal everywhere) and proclaimed the following to an empty room of diplomats - most of whom dislike him or worse (emptiness not noticed by al Ahram):

“Egypt’s constant keenness to undertake action to ease the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, as well as their commitment to improving the economic situation and living standards in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Sounds good but like all rhetoric in the region it means nothing. It means nothing except Egypt’s support for a rotten Palestinian leadership that delivers as much to its people as its Egyptian equivalent.

Maybe the Egyptian army could donate 50% of the profits from their commercial enterprises. Maybe Egypt could give an extra $US10,000 – surely the trip to NYC of the 20 or so there now cost $US500,000. Did they fly there on the new French Executive jets the President purchased for $US100-140 million. Hope the bespoke fit out of the jets meet Egyptian 'needs'.

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Re: Egypt Bleeds With And For The Palestinians.

Post by Major Thom »

Maybe Trump should run Egypt, cosying up for cash can sometimes be seen and treated with the stupidity it deserves.

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