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Re: Docking In - Cruise Ships

Post by Horus »

AladdinSane wrote:Thanks for all the advice relating to alcohol. Going back to my question: Is it possible to walk from the boat to shops or a supermarket in Aswan?
How long is a piece of string? It all depends upon where about your boat is berthed, it could be anywhere along a 2 mile stretch of the Aswan Corniche, but it is likely to be within walking distance of the Old Cataract Hotel and the Obelisk Quarry site. Now you say you have visited both places before, therefore you will have some idea of the distance they are away from where the boats tie up, it is unlikely that you could not find a shop or a supermarket somewhere within that sort of walking distance.

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Re: Docking In - Cruise Ships

Post by Winged Isis »

Who2 wrote:Ps: Almost forgot 'sh*t-loads of Old Bill (Police) over there all looking very smartly turned out,
roads closed ect.
So upon inquiry, loads of Philippines Policemen are staying in The Winter Palace.
Obviously some police 'charabanc, no doubt seeing how good our Police Force are, they will probably
pop over here to de bright-side to look at old stuff..... 8)
The Vietnamese president was also visiting. Or may be it was only him, and they thought he was Filipino?
Carpe diem! :le:
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Re: Docking In - Cruise Ships

Post by FarleyFlavors »

Who2 wrote:Guinness West India Porter, the direct predecessor of Foreign Extra Stout, was first exported from the St. James's Gate brewery in Dublin in 1801.
A few years back they dug out the original 1801 recipe and started brewing Guinness West Indies Porter again. Very tasty it is too...

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Re: Docking In - Cruise Ships

Post by AladdinSane »

10 years since my last visit to Aswan - my memory isn't as good as it used to be - but I take your point.
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