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 Post subject: Trump and Russia
PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:56 pm  |  Posted from: Australia

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Trump and Russia.

A 3 x 50 minutes documentary over 3 weeks going back several years on Trump and ignoring the usual James Bond angles the media likes.

It identifies the complex and legally dubious (actually worse) nature of Trump’s business associates.

There are two hours to go but thus far:

1. Trump has had at least previous 6 insolvencies for failed business ventures.

2. As a result by the early 90’s the banks wouldn’t loan him money (I think this is incorrect and the dubious Deutsche did). This is confirmed by other analysis.

3. He had been trying to do business in Russia for a while, was a bit desperate and aroused high level Russian private derision.

4. By the early 90’s dirty money was flooding out of Russia and into New York and London – and moving in many cases outside the formal banking system. This is confirmed by other analysis.

5. Trump hired into senior jobs people with Russian Mafia contacts (definitely the Russian Mafia in the US) who attracted dirty Russian money to his projects – including people who had been jailed in the US. At the beginning of his career his lawyer was Roy Cohn a man often referred to in serious publications as the most evil American. What is relevant is that, overwhelmingly, Cohn's client were the Mafia and one of the industries in NYC controlled by the Mafia was the construction business into which Donald went. You join the dots.

6. The Russians spooks came to the US as early as 2014 to plot an interference in the election.

7. A former insider in Russia stated that Putin’s objective was “To create different tensions, points of tensions, points of social discontent, of political fighting. So, to create turbulence in the stable society. To make America weak.” I suspect he has similar motives in Europe/UK and is well progressed. For example he is close to Berlusconi, Le Pen, the new fascists in Hungry and Poland and maybe Austria.

8. Trump is a shocking liar as even a cursory checking proves.

9. Egypt is there but only in the toilet. George Papadopoulos the kid, unqualified, uneducated Trump campaign 'foreign policy advisor' (a joke) in the campaign a drunk who gushed to the Australian Ambassador that he had Russian IT dirt on Hilary and now in jail for probably 10 years (lets hope 20). As a nothing with a small brain and a big mouth he set up the Sisi meeting with candidate Trump. Shows you who the Egyptian government deals with to get its job done – criminal trash. Carter Page another foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign is interviewed in detail. He is egotistical and with clear mental disease. Maybe that qualified him as advisor on Egypt. He has no qualifications that any sensible person would recognize.

10 The Christopher Steele/MI6 dossier on Trump’s Russian connections was questioned by US spies interviewed.

Etc. There is more - I haven't watched 2nd and 3rd episode yet.

Key people are interviewed at length in the doco. Including very senior US government office holders, biographers of Trump, senior US journalists, Trump advisors, Former Deputy Chair of Central Bank of Russia, lawyers etc.

Its long, slow, forensic, complicated and not entertainment – exactly what a doco. should be and once was. Made by the Australian government broadcaster and, in particular, by its gold plated team. ... 803H017S00

Why Australian TV should get so deeply involved puzzles me. Its well made, interesting questions delivered firmly and directly.

It is possible that the video will be blocked to computers outside Australia.

If you have a VPN on your computer then it doesn’t matter where you actually are – you can still access any national web site - I think. The VPN service also gets around the efforts of some third world toilets to prevent access by their citizens to particular web-sites and shows how primitive their repressive web/State Security efforts are and therefore why their general technology futures for their countries will be dark. Residents of Egypt should be interested. (An aside, of all the websites blocked by the Junta not one is an ISIS, al Queda etc website - very odd)

The following is a description of VPN’s by Australia’s leading consumer NGO – a fierce, long-lived, independent and thorough organization – like Egyptian NGO’s, not that there are any left/alive/not in jail. ... o-blocking.

If done properly there is nothing illegal about a VPN and tracing your computer is impossible/hard/unlikely.

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 Post subject: Re: Trump and Russia
PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:20 am  |  Posted from: Egypt

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Thanks for posting this Hafiz, not usually interested in politics, but a do enjoy a good expose'. Not quite the full eye opener yet, but look forwards to the next two episode if you can post them. I often wonder where America would be today if Hilary had won.

Life is your's to do with as you wish- do not let other's try to control it for you. Count Dusak- 1345.

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