The Annunaki: The Fallen Ones

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Re: The Annunaki: The Fallen Ones

Post by Frater0082 »

FarleyFlavors wrote:
Frater0082 wrote:
FarleyFlavors wrote:Multiple people have explained to you that you have a problem producing readable English.

You're never going to solve that problem unless you first accept that it is in fact a problem. Are you able to do this?
You've come off to be down right critical not even with a slight of just trying to help fix the issue. Why should I listen to you?
Because I'm telling you the truth? I'm not being critical, I'm just stating an incontrovertible fact.

Newcastle even obtained one of your books and couldn't read it.

You need to realise WHY he couldn't read it.

And lashing out at people who are trying to help you understand this is a little sad.
Lastly you, I don't know who you are or what pit you crawled up from but for you to downright come out and say that I don't know English was wrong.. and the reason why I'm unleashing my Fury.

Oh he'll has no fury like my scorn.

For your FYI, I used to read the dictionary as a hobby. I loved to read the dictionary and books about space. Just because I made some errors in reading doesn't mean that I'm illiterate. You basically called me illiterate and I don't appreciate it at all.

I may not know words in your dictionary but I know some in mines that I would like call you right now and I'm excellent at being vulgar.

"Frater you don't know English." you said.

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Re: The Annunaki: The Fallen Ones

Post by Horus »

Time to put an end to this nonesense, this thread is now locked
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