Penalty Points

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Penalty Points

Post by Horus »

A driving habit that particularly annoys me is getting stiffer penalties in the UK as of today. A change in the law means that the current penalty for a driver using a mobile phone whilst on the move has doubled from 3 to 6 penalty points on your licence if caught. In addition any new driver who has not held a full licence for more than 2 years will lose their licence! :up This is well overdue in an age when some people don’t seem to be able to function without a mobile phone glued to their ears with little concept of the world around them and to see a lorry thundering down a motorway with a driver using his mobile is scary. :sd

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Re: Penalty Points

Post by HEPZIBAH »

On a similar note of car/road safety child seat laws have just come in to force too. If you are going to be travelling with babies or young children in your car you should check out the new requirements.
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Re: Penalty Points

Post by John Landon »

That is a law that annoys me, as this does not apply to taxi's, who, lets face it are not as concerned for your young ones safety as you yourself would be.
It's such a pain in the backside having to put baby seats into cars.

How kids like me ever survived the 60's and 70's I will never know...
sitting on my mums knee in the front seat while she was toking on a Players Number 6 ciggie, and my old man cursing at all the bad drivers out there...
Often I would escape into the back area of my Dad's VW Beetle behind the back seat and lie down in there. I loved the vibration of the engine, and it would send me to sleep.

While they are at it, perhaps they can get people to remove their "Baby on board" stickers, especially when there are no babies on board.
what are these people trying to say.. " No barren wombs in this car" ?

Now, if said car is involved in an accident, for example driving off the motorway into a field or ditch, then time is wasted looking for a baby that was infact never on board but at Grandma's house annoying the cat... =^..^=

All well and good having all these "laws" ( which they are not ), but maybe if there was someone out there to actually police those laws ?
Middle lane hogging was banned almost 2 years ago, but that has not prevented ze German cars pulling off the on slip road and straight into the middle lane, only to leave that lane at the very last moment and cut across 2 lanes to the off slip road.
I really dont care that much, I have become a very relaxed driver these days, but what is annoying about these drivers is the fact that at night, the dipped beam headlamps are in my mirrors and are dazzling me.
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Re: Penalty Points

Post by Dusak »

Happy memories of childhood, traveling sprawled out on the backseat with umpteen comics on the long drive to Devon for our yearly holidays. No seat belts and can never remember ever falling off the seat due to a sudden brake or tight turn. Like everything else in those times, everything seemed to be more safe or healthy to eat without sell be dates or refrigerators, with possibly the exception of second hand smoking. Both my parents smoked and when we were on the motorways or de-restricted roads, no windows open so I tended to develop a smokers cough by the end of the journey down. Probably explains why I had my first cig at twelve and ever since then. :lol:
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Re: Penalty Points

Post by Major Thom »

Do you need seatbelt when riding on the petrol tank of a motorbike, or in fact the luggage rack of same motorbike, do you need superglue on the seat if you ride side saddle. Oh there are so many ways the Egyptian Goverment can raise cash. :lol:
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