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As a kid you love to receive them, you look forward to them.
Also, it is undeniable that WE live in the Present..

Consider the word..

Present, or Pre-Sent.

The presents we receive are indeed PRE-Sent before we receieve them, and therefore, so is our "time", becuase time is the passing of the present moment we live in.

Our Present at one time, may have been our future in our thoughts, once it is spent, then it is in our past, while it exists in our thoughts.

Like most presents, our "time" ( the present, all that that we we have in this, the moment) will often come gift wrapped.
sometimes, they may presented to you just as they are, no unwrapping necessary to reveal what it may be, an obvious "present". . .

In order to experience this "Human" life, the only way we can possibly exist is to recieve a constant stream of presents...

Ask Yourself, what Presents are you receieving, and if I am not happy with those presents, then how can I change them for something I want or really need... :tk

Einstein said:
A problem cannot be solved from within the same state of mind that created it.

Is a problem a Problem ? , or is it a challenge !

Life... :up what else are you going to do while you are down here ?

PS. Time goes by much faster when you are having fun or experiencing excitement, quite literally, it really does.
You actually age less in that time than you do when you count the seconds...

There's a time for everyone, if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn.

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