Word Censor (Please Read)

Anything that does not fit elsewhere can be discussed here.

Moderators: DJKeefy, 4u Network

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Post by Grandad »

Im trying my best to please everyone, which of course is difficult
But DJK, you succeed most of the time and most of us appreciate all your work to keep this one of the best forums on the web. There will always be a few nit pickers and dissenters, sadly. :)

They simply need to get a life whoever they are......

Grandad :gg:
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Post by Beryl »

I appreciate all that DJKeefy does to provide us with this, and the other Egypt forums. He, with the back up of admin and moderators have always tried to keep it a pleasant site to visit - often informative, humourous or just chatty,

The word censor has it's uses, even if it is giving people more freedom to use words that really are not necessary in most cases. I am however, very sad to see that the new word sensor is now being used as a 'disguise' to call someone by names that would otherwise be not used or cleaned up. :(
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Post by Miriamkhalifa »

I'm with Grandad!

Well done Keefy :)
"One band, two oil barrels, three chords, four dreams, five lies, six ties, seven deadly sins and eight ways to stay alive. They know who you are, they know where you live, they're the Kaizers Orchestra~"
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Post by Luxormad »

Yep Well Done Keefy :br:
Cos without you doing what you do , we would all be left wondering whats going on in Luxor :)
I for one really do appreciate what you do , and think your the Dogs ******** :lol:
Cheers Keefy :D
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Post by Mothred »

I think DJKeefy does a very good job on here Its a shame that adults feel the need to swear and be rude to each other on a public page ,would they do it face to face? Yes there are some regulars who post things which make you think'oh go away with your weirdness'but you dont have to reply
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Re: Word Censor (Please Read)

Post by Christine »

Well said Mothred, and i reckon Keefy does a splendid job, long may he reign ! :wi
You get out of life what you are prepared to put in x
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