Phone call scam on the rise

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Rachel turner
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Phone call scam on the rise

Post by Rachel turner »

Today had 5 calls on mobile from a 0023480 number - i didnt recognise the number - just two or three rings then stop . On contacting my mobile provider it is a Nigerian number - dont call back as you will be charged a heafty amount as another scam.
Its easy just to acknowledge a number sometimes as i get several calls from Egypt sometimes from numbers i dont know as my friends use a different sim and number so please be aware.

Friends are like stars -you dont always see them but they are always there........

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Post by DJKeefy »

The other scam to watch is getting a txt message to say you have received from 5le to 50le pounds from the mobile number of who is making the scam, they then ring you and say they have sent you this money by mistake and it should have gone to a number similar to your mobile number and ask for you to send it back to them, some dont even bother with the fake txt message and just ring you and say they have sent money by mistake. The txt message looks quite real, all they do is copy the text from a real money transfer txt message and then alter the sum and mobile number.

Vodaphone are aware of this scam

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Post by LivinginLuxor »

So, where is the scam? Have to admit I never answer my phone to a number that doesn't have a name attached to it.
I might agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong!

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Post by Horus »

I agree with Stan on this one :) Neither do I ever bother to phone back any number or text message that I don't recognise. I just delete it on the basis of "If they really know me and want to speak to me, they will phone back" :)

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Post by BENNU »

- Is it only a scam if it works? :?

- I got one of those Vodafone messages and a missed call on the number I only use for situations where I don't give my "real" number, and because I had heard of the trick on luxor4u, I checked the balance, and nobody had sent me EGP 10, but I wouldn't have answered the phone anyway. I also do not open e-mails from dead African president's sons, but I guess it is still a scam. :?

- Someone called me from a 0023something number, and it was probably from Ghana, but it might have been a call like Rachel Turners. It was on my Danish number, so I didn't answer, because it would be expensive.

- Now, Stan, you laughed, when you saw me carrying three phones, but if you still walk down the street in lycra and spaghetti straps, you, too, might need an extra number for taxis etc :mrgreen: !

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Post by jewel »

Quite so Horus.....I never have the phone on these days life is much more peaceful so no worries about scams and the like .....why have a dog and bark yourself? what else are voicemails for ;) :D
I don't have a nothing can go wrong!


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