The five Just men.

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The five Just men.

Post by Dusak » Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:20 pm

''So, when do we start?'' The first man asked.

''Up to you, whenever you like.'' the second man responded.

''I don't know about that,'' the third man stated in a cautionary tone, ''Better to take our time, if its rushed and we're discovered, then that's it, we will be exposed.''

''I don't think that they are clever enough for that,'' the first stated, '' We have the element of surprise, besides, what could they do? We break no laws.''

The second man shook his head slowly. ''Perhaps not, but it could jeopardise our future. Rub the wrong people up the wrong way and they have a knack of removing you quietly and quickly from the system without effort.''

The forth man finally broke his long silence. ''What, exactly, do we hope to gain from all this?''

''Notoriety.'' The first man shouted as he punched the air with a clenched fist.

''Respect, be it grudgingly given.'' The second man muttered.

''Your both wrong. Confusion. Create confusion in the ranks, it has won many a battle without a shot been fired.'' The third man added.

The fifth man grunted as he startled himself awake. ''What have I missed?'' He asked, stifling a yawn.

''We're discussing ways to confuse the enemy, like letting them think that we are clueless, but in fact we know a great deal about all of them without giving over our sources of information.'' The first stated.

''So how and where do we acquire this knowledge? Its not like they write it down, is it?'' The fifth asked, showing little or no interest in the proceedings.

''That's exactly the point, they do write it down, on the internet. You just have to know where to look that's all.'' The first stated in an exasperated voice.

''And you know how to do this do you? I've seen you cursing at the screen when your request for **** Barton films was refused by Bing search stating that it may not be viewable in your requested region due to content filters.'' The fourth grinning broadly as he spoke the reminder.

The first waved his hand in dismissal ''That was then, this is now. I know more now than we did then.''

''OK then,'' The second asked, 'What should we call our merry little band of trouble makers? The secret five?''

''That's childish,'' the first stated, ''we go by made up names, thus keeping our true identities secret.''

''We'd better jot them down then so we know who is who.'' The third man suggested.

''No, we keep our new names to ourselves. That way we don't know who it is we are interacting with so we don't give the game away. It has to look like a natural flow of conversation.'' Then we meet up once a month or so and compare notes. See what info we have gathered on the enemy.''

The fourth man looked confused. ''But how can we compare notes if we don't know who each of us are? I mean, we would have to give over our aliases for the rest of us to know what we are talking about. Sort of defeats the object if you ask me.''

''Good point.'' The fifth muttered, eyes closed again.

''Your being your usual self, attempting to steal my thunder of creating a brilliant plan, throwing your usual spanner in the works.'' The first spat out the words towards the fifth man. ''Ok then, just between ourselves, no one else gets to know them.''

''Whatever.'' The fifth mumbled back, a clear disinterest at the tantrum showing in his tone of voice.

''Anyway,'' the disgruntled first man continued, ''the important thing to remember when we post is to come over natural with no indication that we are all connected. We also each need a user name, it can be anything.''

''I would like to be known as Mr. Potatohead'' The third man stated. ''I had a short holiday on Cyprus once, and I love the Cyprus spud, especially as chips.''

''I think that I will be Bagpipe.'' The fourth man added.

''Wasn't that a cartoon from the seventies?'' The first asked.

''No, that was Bagpuss.'' the fourth corrected.

''I will choose The Slug, a creature that is a little slow, but quite willing to go the distance for going the distances sake.'' The second informed them.

'' I would rather stick to my own name as I will only forget who I'm supposed to be.'' The fifth muttered. ''Suppose I could be Me. Then when I'm on at least I'll know its me that I'm supposed to be. Anyway, what are you going to be named?'' He asked the first.

''I choose The Boomerang, because no matter which way I'm thrown, I will always come back to the beginning...

Just then the conversation was interrupted by the door swinging open

''Justin, would you and your friends like a.... sandwich... oh, I thought your friends were with you, could of sworn that I heard other voices.''

''No, just me dear, watching old re-runs of The Vicar Of Dibley, you remember at the end of each program they all sit round the table discussing their next set of plans. Highly entertaining program.''

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