What else is on the Cards..

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What else is on the Cards..

Post by Who2 »

"Let me tell you a secret...
Confusion seems to reign amongst our wonderful British 'must holiday population, regarding travel restrictions.

Now people, and I address GB or our Great British Public.
Pandemic means All Over The World! ....It does not exclude Greece-Spain-Margate-China
or even Bournemouth for that matter.

If anyone travels anywhere, let alone abroad, You are in danger of catching a virus that has the possibility to
And as it seems to be confirmed, flying in a tin can anywhere with a couple of hundred people
'can endanger your health.

Rocket science it aint..

(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the World.

"Coughs & Sneezes spread diseases" Remember that ?

A Dr speaks: If you value your health 'don't travel'.... 8)

Ps: No one ever said 'Joe Public was clever...
Pss: And if you do need a covid travel document.
a: Scan one off Google images.
b: Tippex out the date insert new date.
c: Rescan and 'bob's your uncle.
d: Print or photocopy. QED!

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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Re: What else is on the Cards..

Post by newcastle »

It’s not travelling which is the problem.....it’s encountering other people who are infected and spray you with droplets. Just as easily done in your local shop.

The way to avoid the possibility of being infected is to stay at home and not encounter other people AT ALL.

This obviously presents a challenge to most human beings so it’s really a question of minimising the chance of being infected by someone else rather than eliminating the possibility entirely.

Which brings me back to travelling....and non-essential travelling such as flying abroad. Travelling invariably means encountering other- possibly infected - people. It’s a question of balancing the benefits against the risk.

If you can’t make this essentially simple choice...I feel sorry for you.

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