Visas - How Much?

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Visas - How Much?

Post by HEPZIBAH »

The subject of Tourist Visa's for Egypt comes up regularly, particularly with regard to the cost. There have been comments in the past, especially when price rises are talked about, that the government of Egypt is not doing itself any favours by charging more (or at all) for Tourist Visa's - the authors usually not considering that many nationalities have to pay a visa charge to enter other countries e.g Egyptians entering the UK.

I have been looking at travel brochures for various countries recently, and have noticed the visa costs for some. One country required £150, and another £225, for a normal Single Entry Tourist Visa, which had to be applied for in advance.

So, I am wondering...

How much would you be prepared to pay for a normal Single Entry Tourist Visa for Egypt?

What is the most you have ever paid for a normal Single Entry Tourist Visa for a country other than Egypt, and which country was it?

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Re: Visas - How Much?

Post by Brian Yare »

I don't know the price because my company arranged the visas, but the USSR in 1979-1982 was certainly inconvenient. I had to obtain a 2nd passport so that I could travel to other sites while my Soviet visas were being processed.

While I find the Egyptian visa system complicated and confused I do not see it as expensive for a normal short-term tourist.

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Re: Visas - How Much?

Post by Dusak »

:tk .. why feel the need to admit to something when it was already common knowledge? :lol:
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