Charities a Question ?

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Charities a Question ?

Post by Who2 »

Now, I know a bit about this subject...charities...
Watching an advert on't telly, just now, every charity has it's day. This was one for Donkeys..

It peaked my interest, knowing a couple of egyptian charities that cater for 'working animals.
This is an english one, So, I thought!...'Oi! O! interesting...
'You don't see too many donkey's 'working or not around here,now do you ?... 'it must be a scam.

Once again I'm wrong, it's another english lady that loved animals.
Now, with £££££ reserves of 24.4 mill and assets of 27.9 million! 'donkeys need space..

Ask yourself "when did you last see a donkey in the UK ?
Have you seen a 'working donkey recently ? went to Margate last summer ?
'many did, covid spreaders!!!..

And... 'I know where all those donkey's are! 'a pretty simple deduction really 'Watson..
at this donkey sanctuary down in Devon all living the life of 'riley..

an Aside:
Nick & myself were once dining in the old Taj Mahal indian in The Sheraton years ago.
At table next was a very rumbustious 67 year old ex-pat army type Rhodesian,
and his mississ talking loudly to Nick, and annoying my peace..
He was banging on about the Brooke Hospital, saying "I that's me, should visit..ruff ruff..
I said, 'loudly to Nick "tell them about the Orphanage and that I can feed 20 kids for a month on one dead donkey..

That shut him up day they visited The Sunshine..'funny old ?

So, excluding anybody living in Egypt or Cyprus that's north or south, please reply..
"When did You last see a Donkey ?.
"Christmas is coming...cheer up, be happy..

Ps: "I once employed midgets as doorman, and that donkeys only appear at Christmas 'around a manger.
This year due to covid, people of 'a limited-stature won't be performing as santas' happy band of helpers
and donkey's, gainfully employed as the baby jesus' mum's ambulance..'he haw..
That last bit's a joke! the rest is dead serious.
Tata said said Dillon... 8)

Pss: Remember::"A donkey's not just for Christmas...
oh! and nobody hit's a midget except another midget!

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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Re: Charities a Question ?

Post by hatusu »

Talking about donkeys, I spend every summer in Scarborough. I love seeing the donkeys walk down to the beach every day at the same time, their stables are just a few mins walk from my sisters home. One day, about 3 or 4 yrs ago, their attendant who walks them down to the beach each day didnt turn up on time, so the donkeys set off on their own. Its a journey of about a mile and a half to the beach from their stables on a couple of the busiest roads in Scarborough,. NOBODY actually noticed they were on their own because they were all so well behaved - about a dozen of them walking 2 abreast, (the naughty one who kicks up his heels all the time at the back), and stopping at all the red lights and carrying on when they turned green. Just love them!

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Re: Charities a Question ?

Post by carrie »

I love donkeys one lives near me and it loves glacier mints.

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