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Discuss the problems that can occur in relationships with differing cultures and help overcome any barriers that exist.

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Welcome Home

Post by BENNU »

As I was relaxing in a cafe before going back to West Bank, a woman smiled at me:

"Isn't Luxor fantastic?"

"Yes, Luxor is unique, I am happy here."

"Luxor is my home!"

"Mine too!"

She had met someone, he had asked her to live with him and get married. Of course she knew that it was not deep love, but he was sooo handsome and kind, soooh handsome. She had not felt this good after her husband left her alone with the children years ago. Now the children had moved out and she more or less lived through the grandchildren. I asked her if she did not miss them like I do mine, but she laughed and said that they visited her all the time.

She then gave me the familiar mantra of lonely women who go to Luxor to see Valley of the Kings, but find something else:

"After all these years, I feel that it is my turn to be in a good relationship."

"Me too, I feel that it is my turn, but one thing I know for sure is, that if I ever meet a man, his motive will not be that it is my turn!" That was the best I could do.


A rather charismatic young gentleman came up the stairs, and when he saw me, put a hand on his heart, bowed respectfully and said loudly: "My dear Madame Bennu!" After inquiring about my family, health etc., he went to the next table, waving a huge red flag and lowered his voice. The lady went with him and on her way out said to me that they had misunderstood each other. She was sure that he had told her to meet him upstairs in the fresh air, where there were less people, but he insisted that he meant downstairs though it was crowded and very noisy, but perhaps it was his English.

"Oh, you haven't learned Egyptian English yet?", I asked, "I am rather good at it!"

"Egyptian English? What is that? This is my first time in Egypt!"

"Did you not say that you live here?"

"No, I said that Luxor is my home! That is how I feel - I arrived this morning!"

"Welcome home!"


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Re: Welcome Home

Post by HEPZIBAH »

:a22: Who needs to follow a Soap Opera on television when every day in Luxor is like one. :a21:
Image Experience is not what happens to you;
it is what you do with what happens to you.
-Aldous Huxley
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Re: Welcome Home

Post by carrie »

Yea Gods, give me strength, I despair.
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