Boris & his Brain...

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Boris & his Brain...

Post by Who2 »

Well, I don't like Boris but dislike the EU far more.
I love zee French, the Germans, Belgians, Spanish are cool, Italy culture & wine, Estonia ffs.

Any how, the Brains behind the Throne is Benedict or Dominic if you like..
Watch this film it explains 'boris's brains.. 8) Oh! My brain is called Brian....tink! ... lmg_act_14

Ps: It's a good film..

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Good movie despite the bias.
3 February 2019 | by Izzys-the-one – See all my reviews
I liked this movie a lot in spite of the slightly heavy-handed liberal bias. Benedict Cumberbach was not a great choice as he was for Remain and while a great actor, it's tough to completely forget your bias. The negative view of the Exit side comes through as they are imagined as unsophisticated rubes with no world view. What far too many forget is that a nation has the right to choose it's destiny, elect it's own leaders, and not be subjected to un-elected bureaucrats who may well only care about blind pursuit of power or lining their own pockets. Personally, I like the fact that European nations are all different and have their own history and identity. It's odd how globalists are the first to say they respect 'diversity', then cry fowl when the people use that diversity to steer their own destiny. GOOD LUCK BRITAIN, WE BELIEVE IN YOU.

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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John Landon
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Re: Boris & his Brain...

Post by John Landon »

So finally the Exit from the EU will go through and after 3 long years the democratic process will finally be served.
Boris will suspend Parliament and HM the Queen has agreed to this, so the opposition cannot block it.
It will be a Hard Brexit ( God I hate that word "Brexit", paparazzi speak )
this means no divorce settlement, hopefully we can start putting that money saved to good use in this country, maybe even pay all those hard working people their pensions they so rightly deserve, instead of raising the retirement age to the point of death.

I'm old enough to remember free trade and movement of people throughout Europe existed before the Common market or EU as it became ( god preserve that the common man did not twig that he could go to Belgium and leagally fill his car with ciggies, tobacco and Alcohol at half the price and bring it back here legally providing he paid his taxes in that country and had a receipt to prove it )

We will still be buying our villas in Benidorm, and we will still have European Doctors and nurses come over here to work just as we did before 1975. We will still sell our good abroad, though many SME Businesses do not trade in Europe anyway, and make up 95% of the employers of people in the UK and yet their production costs are inflated by EU legislation, and we will be free to buy in cheap goods from China and 3rd world countries, which if you have not worked out is good for the end consumer.. US !

It will be good to see all those failed UK politicians that then bred as MEP's have to come home and hopefully try to get a real job and no longer think that they were born to rule. And maybe they will be the ones pushing to bring back the pension age to what we were contracted to work, so that we can at least enjoy the golden years instead of working till we die.

Now I love my job, so I don't really see it as work, but what I do not want is to be told I have to work until I am 67, then maybe 70, then maybe 75 ! I didn't see the EU telling our MP's that they could not do that to us !

I want to retire at a reasonable age, maybe do a few hours each week if I want to.

Of course, the inevitable will happen to the EU in a year or 2 after we leave. Things will not be the same again, Turkey wont be happy after all the ass licking they have done to join the club. They ( the people of Turkey will have dodged a bullet in my opinion).
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