Egypt stifled by Islamic orthodoxy

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Egypt stifled by Islamic orthodoxy

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Egyptian Author Sayyid Al-Qemany: Al-Azhar Is the Source of Terrorism Worldwide, Anyone Who Says We Are Not Backward Is Playing Dumb or Is Crazy

Egyptian author Sayyid Al-Qemany criticized the Egyptian regime's calls for reform in the religious discourse, saying that they were directed abroad and were not intended for internal consumption. Religion "still constitutes the main source for the thinking of the regular citizen," he said. Al-Azhar is "the source that exports terrorism to the world," according to Al-Qemany, "the enemy of all that is modern." Talking about the stagnation that occurred in Islamic heritage over the past millennium, he asked: "Why should anybody conspire against us? They can just leave us to our own devices. Our heritage is the best way to bring defeat, backwardness, and regression upon us." The interview with Al-Qemany aired on Al-Hurra TV on January 24.

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