One muslim's view of shari'a

Luxor has both Christian and Moslem communities and the politics of the Middle East are equally diverse. Air your views on the situation.

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One muslim's view of shari'a

Post by newcastle »

Moroccan-Amazigh preacher Tahar Chadlioui (a.k.a. Tahar Ibn Ali) warned that calls for the establishment of an Islamic state and implementation of Islamic law in Europe were dangerous, saying that most of the different Islamic groups and sects "call for nothing but hatred" and that if we follow them, "they are going to chop your head off." In a Spanish-language video titled "An Islamic State?" and posted on YouTube on July 27, Ibn Ali, who was born in Nador in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco, and today lives in Antwerp, Belgium, called for respect for the other and asked: "Do you want this kind of shari'a, or do you want freedom?"

A pity there aren't more voices like Tahar's in the islamic community.

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Re: One muslim's view of shari'a

Post by Mad Dilys »

Speaking as a Muslima, I wonder just how many of the weirdos who profess to be Muslim while acting in a manner which is totally opposed to the basic tenets of Islam have actually read the Koran and thought about what is written there.

I also wonder just how many professed Christians and Jews actually read their Holy Books? You wouldn't think so from the way that they too perpetrate acts of violence and cruelty.

It is so sad/bad that if a terrorist says "I am doing this in the name of XYZ" most people believe them, partly because of the way the media presents it's "facts".

So now if any person has an Islamic name they must be a terrorist, because they indisputably have that in common with perpetrators of violence.

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Re: One muslim's view of shari'a

Post by carrie »

I would believe you :lol:

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Re: One muslim's view of shari'a

Post by Yildez »

Yep, me too!

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Re: One muslim's view of shari'a

Post by Dusak »

As a person that has many successful modeling assignments under his belt, I know anything is possible. I;ve also had three feature film parts, The Night The Lights Went Out, Blackout and Pitch Black. OK, you have to squint a tad to try and see me, but I'm there, lurking in the shadows. 8)
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