TM and DT

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TM and DT

Post by carrie »

I am having difficulty in following what the latest developments are with these two leaders. Donald announces one thing in his tweets then changes his mind, Theresa is so desperate to continue as PM that her policies change day to day.

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Re: TM and DT

Post by newcastle »

I suspect both are struggling to reconcile differences between what they want to do, and what their position permits them to do.

May's heart is not in Brexit.....maybe it was a mistake to take on the premiership knowing it would require her to proceed with the outcome of the referendum . I suppose the temptation to ascend to the highest office was irresistible. In fairness, she has also faced a unique array of problems during her premiership and doesn't seem to have the dominant personality of, say, Thatcher, to control the dissident elements of her party. Consequently she has a tendency to "flounder about".

Trump has a simplistic view of world politics and economics....and, as US president, enjoys considerably more power than May does as UK prime minister. However, even he is finding that there are limits to what he can do....hence the occasional U-turn. As a man used to absolute power in his business enterprise, and complete belief in his own judgement, I can see how uncomfortable it must be for him to take on board the views of other senior advisers and the Republican party. This realisation often comes several hours after a "tweet".