Twisted 'ISIS jihadis go on Christian killing spree'

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Twisted 'ISIS jihadis go on Christian killing spree'

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Twisted 'ISIS jihadis go on Christian killing spree' in fresh spate of attacks.

COPTIC Christians in Egypt claim they are suffering a fresh spate of murders as part of a jihadist campaign against them after three were killed in the space of eight days.

The three men were found murdered in the space of just eight days from the last week of June with a fourth man also slaughtered in late May.

Coptic groups in the country fear that the killings may have been carried out by extremists with loyalties to groups such as Islamic State (ISIS).

Urologist Albert Fekry, 67, was found dead by a patient in his clinic in Tala with a single gash to his neck.

His priest, Fr Youstos Joseph, said nothing had been taken from the clinic, and suggested the killer had known the doctor worked alone.

He added that it was “strange” that the killer had managed to pass the security guards at the church just behind the clinic shortly before he carried out the attack.

Jeweller Girgis Bushra, 55, was found dead in his home on the same day, according to local police, who have made no arrests so far.

Eight days earlier, a Coptic artist was found dead in the city of Minya, capital of Minya Governorate, which is home to many Coptic Christians.

Michael Nabil Bebawy, a 32-year-old artist, did not return home after attending Mass.

His brother-in-law, Michael Adel said his body had been dumped on railway tracks near the station and his head was found beside his body.

Mr Adel, a lawyer, said: “A train driver reported seeing three people dumping a body on a section of the tracks. But the police alleged it was a train accident that severed Michael’s head from his body.

“But we found pools of blood some distance away from the tracks, not on the tracks themselves.”

He said that when he and other relatives visited the morgue of Minya Public Hospital, Mr Bebawy’s body bore no signs of injury.

He told World Watch Monitor: “There were just two marks on his head, indicating he had been beaten before he was beheaded.”

Mr Adel claimed that the medical examiner who carried out the post-mortem at the morgue did not visit the place where the body was found. The medical examiner’s report has not yet been issued.

He added: “The police wanted to portray it as a train accident and not a sectarian one.”

However, he said he feared Mr Bebawy had been murdered by extremists such as those who massacred 28 Copts on a bus journey through the desert in May, or ISIS members who had beheaded 20 Copts in Libya in 2015.

Two days before the bus attack, on 24 May, a Coptic building contractor was found dead in his work accommodation. Two co-workers said they found Magdy Zekry Abdel Malak, 40, with a single gash to his neck. Police have as yet made no arrests.

The dead man’s cousin, Malak Rizk, told World Watch Monitor that he believed Mr Malak was killed “because he was a Christian”, adding that his wallet was found on his person, so he had not been killed for money.

A state of emergency in place since attacks on two churches on Palm Sunday has not prevented subsequent attacks against the Christians, who complain of a state of indifference among the police.

Attacks on Coptic individuals and churches have become more frequent since the removal of former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

Tala, where Dr Fekry was found dead, was also the scene of the murder of a Coptic husband and wife in January.

Source: ... amic-State


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