It's official

Luxor has both Christian and Moslem communities and the politics of the Middle East are equally diverse. Air your views on the situation.

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Re: It's official

Post by newcastle »

Sell me a crap expensive product once....shame on you.

Sell me the same crap expensive product three times.......shame on me!! :cg

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Re: It's official

Post by Who2 »

I was trying to give Britain a chance by buying British even though they were crap his fan with no blades is also crap never bought a ball barrow.... 8)
Ps: I was a backer of Trevor Bayliss another eccentric british inventor until everybody got electricity, I have an original Baygen radio and 2 wind up torches.
"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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Re: It's official

Post by Dusak »

I too went through three Dysons before I saw the light. Brought a large wind up torch with me from the UK as then Karnak was suffering many power cuts due to all the cabling being above ground. When experiencing the first power cut, out came the wind up. By the time I had fully charged it, the power was back one and I had to live with a limp wrist for a couple of hours due to the countless hundreds of revolutions I had to turn it. :lol: It has never come out of the drawer since, a box of matches and a few candles never let you down.
Life is your's to do with as you wish- do not let other's try to control it for you. Count Dusak- 1345.
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Re: It's official

Post by carrie »

I had an hoover vacuum cleaner inherited from a friend when I married, it was a ton weight, made of iron I think, certainly no plastic involved. A big cloth bag on the side that had to be emptied among clouds of dust . Worked wonderfully. Always wanted a Dyson and decided that when my hoover broke I would buy myself one. The darned thing never did break down must have been at least 45 years old when I laid it to rest still in working order.
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