New PM El-Beblawi vows to form 'most important govt in Egypt

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New PM El-Beblawi vows to form 'most important govt in Egypt

Post by DJKeefy »

New PM El-Beblawi vows to form 'most important govt in Egypt history'

New cabinet will retain the same interior, defence and foreign affairs ministers.

Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi, who was appointed on Tuesday, has told Hayat television channel that he is yet to finalise his cabinet.

El-Beblawi said that he is not committed to a particular date to finalise selecting the new cabinet, and that his only commitment is to form a competent administration representing different political currents for what is arguably “the most important government in Egypt’s history.”

El-Beblawi stated that the ministers of defence, interior and foreign affairs would remain in their posts.

Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour appointed liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi Egypt’s new prime minister on Tuesday, after several days of fervent speculation about who the candidate would be.

El-Beblawi, a former finance minister and member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, was not the first choice of some of political parties which supported the ouster last week of former president Mohamed Morsi and his government.

Most of the groups involved in the talks had preferred liberal politician Mohamed ElBaradei for the premiership, but his nomination to the role was blocked on Saturday by objections from the Salafist Nour Party.

ElBaradei had been backed by the anti-Morsi ‘Rebel’ campaign and other "revolutionary" youth groups and parties.

Ziad Bahaa El-Din, liberal lawyer and another co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, was also floated for the position, but the ultra-conservative Nour Party similarly rejected his candidacy.



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Re: New PM El-Beblawi vows to form 'most important govt in E

Post by Hafiz »

Beblawi, the new PM, was a minister and deputy Prime Minister under the SCAF government. In fairness most of his career has been outside government. This can’t be a bad thing. He was, after the revolution, a member of one of the socialist parties but seems to have retreated from political activity since then.

According to al Ahram in 2011 his views may not be all bad:

“Most of the fortunes created in Egypt during the past 15 years were done through the government, through land purchasing and concessions," he said in a debate with the Tagammu party in 2009….

"Both (in the debate) agreed that corruption and the lack of industrialization strategy are the main problems facing the Egyptian economy. But, whereas for Gouda Abdel-Khaleq the priority was income distribution, for Beblawi the first plan is the creation of wealth for society as a whole. Beblawi has always said that a strong market economy is the solution for the economy’s problems if controlled by a strong state. ... n-bus.aspx

He resigned (resignation rejected) in late 2011 following the killing of 24 Copts in Cairo by the security forces even though he was a Muslim (why is it that everyone remembers the past as a period of stability and law and order).

Opinion on him by friends, and published in the media, consistently say he is a principled and liberal person. ... .html?_r=0

He must have something going for him as the Salafis are reported to support him so he might be able to build a consensus.

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