Morsi Speech (2nd July -11-30pm)

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Morsi Speech (2nd July -11-30pm)

Post by DJKeefy »

(read from bottom to top)

24:22 "My iron will is with my people and is unshaken." President Morsi finishes the speech after saluting the nation.

24:19 "Legitimacy and legitimacy alone, the constitution and constitution alone, and the elections and the elections alone."

24:17 "There are many challenges but the biggest is not to fall in the trap and take the country in the wrong direction, and make our enemies happy."

24:15 "To save the nation we need to sacrifice, but not against each other....when we announce jihad that must be against foreign enemies and not against each other. We sacrifice for our country and I am the first to sacrifice. If the cost for legitimacy is my blood i will give it easily."

24:12 "The constitution which we all uphold and respect says that the government that will be chosen by the parliament will have more authorities than the president."

24:10 "We have to prove to the world that we are capable of democracy...peacefully we protect the legitimacy...legitimacy is our only guard from future faults....I do not accept anyone saying anything or taking steps against legitimacy; this is completely rejected."

24:07 "After this I decided there is no alternative for legitimacy and keeping an open channel for dialogue...Legitimacy is the only guarantee against violence.The old regime won’t return....If this initiative isn’t accepted, the country will go down a dark road and we’ll be back to square one."

24:05 "I called for dialogue. An initiative was made to talk with the opposition, form a new government, hasten the elections laws to hold parliamentary elections soon after 6 months, resolve the crisis of the prosecutor-general, empower youth in decision making."

24:02 "There is no problem with peaceful protests."

24:00 "I want to say some clear points...There is no alternative for legitimacy, constitutional legitimacy, legal legitimacy, the legitimacy of elections held before."

23:58 Morsi continues: "We want a strong army; don’t ever insult the Egyptian army. Safeguard the army with me because it is our support. Don’t ever use violence against it. I’m telling all Egyptians - no violence between each other or towards the army or police.

Violence and bloodshed is a trap, if we fall into it, its the end of us."

23:56 "I will safeguard legitimacy with my life."

23:54 "My message to you all, to the opposition, is that I will stand by this legitimacy. And to the supporters who respect democracy and love legitimacy, safeguard Egypt and the revolution. Don’t let the revolution be stolen from you, opponents and supporters."

23:52 President Morsi continues, "I care very much that the blood of Egyptians is not spilt. I will stand firm against any who spill this blood."

23:50 "The old regime don’t want democracy. They’re used to rigging elections. They don’t know what democracy and freedom of expression are. They are using the youth and those suffering from the economic problems to sow chaos and violence. Why doesn’t this violence appear until they announce they will change the regime and abort democracy?"

23:48 The speech is sounding fairly similar in tone to Wednesday's speech. It certainly doesn't sound like the beginning of a resignation.

Morsi continues: "It is normal after revolution for there to be opposition and support. We wrote a constitution and it was (passed) via referendum. We had legitimacy afterwards, and this legitimacy is what guarantees for us that there be no infighting between us and no bloodshed if we respect it."

23:45 He accuses the "remnants of the former regime" and the deep state of blocking Egypt's transition.

23:43 President Morsi says that " I want for Egypt to own its own will, for no one to dictate what it should do...There are people outside of Egypt who don’t want Egypt to own its will. It’s easy to just listen to instructions. Egypt’s revolution wasn’t the revolution of the hungry. It was the revolution for owning our will, freedom and justice."

23:40 He reiterates that he has made mistakes, and that things have become clearer after his first year in office.

23:35 President Morsi is speaking on Egyptian state television. He talks about Egypt's transition, stressing that he came to power through the first free presidential elections, and mentioning that the 2011 revolution was peaceful.


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Re: Morsi Speech (2nd July -11-30pm)

Post by LivinginLuxor »

I watched it with interest. He seemed to be only speaking to his own faction - the word "legitimacy" used so many times, I began to doubt whether he himself believes it now. No sign whatsoever of compromise, no comments as to the things he had promised, but failed to carry out - Not my fault, gov - it's forces from outside and within that is causing the problem!

Looking at his gesturing/body language was also interesting. I was reminded of old films of Adolf gesturing at party rallies!
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Re: Morsi Speech (2nd July -11-30pm)

Post by jewel »

Although I am in no way a supporter of Islamists or the MB I do feel that one year is nt long enough in the given circumstances for ANY leader to make significant headway given the mess that he was confronted with, and if the Egyptians calling for him to step down persist with this extreme reaction the situation for Egypt will be all the worse. Catastrophe.
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Re: Morsi Speech (2nd July -11-30pm)

Post by carrie »

Hand on heart, believe me, like you said Stan the body language was very interesting. I thought it was very rambling with his constant emphasis on "legitimacy" he also said that he is not afraid to shed his blood for the fight that I found very disturbing.
Wecome back Jewel nice to hear from you again.

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