Political situation

Luxor has both Christian and Moslem communities and the politics of the Middle East are equally diverse. Air your views on the situation.

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Political situation

Post by Chocolate Eclair »

Having not seen the News for a few days, has anyone seen what is happening to the Political Side of Egypt. The last Government was dissolved by the Courts, has there been any steps forward to create an election date for a new Government? or is it a case of a country running with a President and no Government. Who now is responcible for the decission making and the passing of new laws? has a new constitution been drawn up? Does anyone know what is happening?

Is it a case of another year in the waiting for another government?

It was noticable that a Social Network has now got a page dedicated to the President, announcing his election mandate and now announcing his failoures. Whats all that about? the poor guy has only been President around one month. Are they not going to give him a chance? He is at least doing a lot of ground work, policies and change take time and a government to vote on them.

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Winged Isis
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Re: Political situation

Post by Winged Isis »

If you go to Ahram Online ( http://english.ahram.org.eg/Portal/1/Egypt.aspx ) and Egypt Independent's website ( http://www.egyptindependent.com/ ), you'll find all the latest political news, which myself, Keefy, and others regularly post for your information and edification. I also post Ahram's Heritage, Arts & Culture, Life & Style and Folk and articles.

To find out about the "Morsimeter" you refer to, try:
http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent ... g-you.aspx

Good on them! Keep him on his toes! :up
Carpe diem! :le:

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Re: Political situation

Post by TonyC »

Winged Isis wrote:To find out about the "Morsimeter" you refer to, try:
http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent ... g-you.aspx

Good on them! Keep him on his toes! :up
I rather like the Morsimeter, though it's a bit mean to talk of failures before his 100-days are up! After all, he's promised action on many of the country's problems, not actually solving them all in a little over three months! You can go straight to the "meter" via http://www.morsimeter.com/en/ which KJB posted a couple of weeks ago.

To CE: the government was not dissolved, the parliament was. Egypt still has the government appointed by the generals, which operates (though more in administration) until the president announces his new cabinet, supposedly very soon. If you bookmark the two main English language sites as WI suggests, you can keep up with the twists and turns as the power struggle continues ... on a "civilised" level!

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