Obama gives Egypts MB $1.5 billion without Congress approval

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Obama gives Egypts MB $1.5 billion without Congress approval

Post by DJKeefy »

Obama gives Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion without Congress approval.

While President Barack Obama continually criticizes Congress publicly for not working with him, he rarely speaks of the times he just skips over their needed approvals to take actions in the international world.

Even though the United States Congress stopped any foreign aid via military aid to Egypt because the U.S. Congress has believed Egypt is not making progress on freedoms and human rights, Obama has allegedly granted $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in that nation.

In spite of the fact that powerful persons in Egypt have spoken in very anti-American ways in the past, the president of the United States feels it necessary for the U.S. to assist them financially at a time when our country can obviously not afford to do so.

Since this story started making its way through the media months ago, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood has handily won the presidency in Egypt recently. The Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi is Egypt's new president.

Though Obama did not publicly support a candidate in that election, his loyalties were clear. Washington insiders have suggested that Obama and his relation to the political powers in Egypt be scrutinized and monitored closely. Additionally, it has been repeatedly suggested - even by Obama's own party members - that Obama's free hand in giving handouts in the billions of dollars to foreign countries be monitored much more closely.

This financial support of the country magnifies what Obama said last year regarding his undying effort to support foreign countries of which Congress has severe concerns.

Obama said:

"And where Congress in not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves."

Obviously, this comment was meant more than simply for domestic matters. Obama has clearly proven that this was meant in terms of his foreign expenditures to the Egyptian government and other foreign governments of which Obama has self-aligned himself without Congress's approval as well.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-g ... s-approval


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Re: Obama gives Egypts MB $1.5 billion without Congress appr

Post by TonyC »

Bit naughty ... passing off a Republican blogger as a news item! The headline is total crap ... the usual aid package to Egypt was approved last March, even though some Congressmen were trying to delay it on "democracy worries" (they had no such worries when it went to the old dictator's regime!). I suppose you could s..t...r...e...t..c...h a point to say that as Egypt democratically elected a president two weeks ago, then Obama must have given all the Army's cash to the Brotherhood!

There's a presidential election in the US this year, isn't there?

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