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The President’s Press Officer and Truth.

Colonel Ahmed Ali has been around for a while. He was for years the media front man for their Supreme Militarios Victorios. He is now doing the same job for the President and seen to be successful by the Supreme Ruler and is close to him. I think he is one of hundreds of military to be found within the ‘civilian’ government at very senior levels but difficult to trace.

Like most government/military officials in Egypt he has no qualifications, training, prior experience or education relevant to this job and has an awful Egyptian tertiary education at their military college. Huge public money has subsequently been spent to develop his military skills but I think his actual military work is close to zero or actually zero. All that military training and no result. Its not unusual that Egyptian military resources are wasted and military officers allocated to civilian jobs whilst concealing their past so the US Ambassador doesn’t have to face reality. I guess its their way of hanging onto power after 70 years.

Telling lies is an ability treasured in PR jobs in Egypt but as everyone knows you have to kick over the traces and not be found out.

Ali is a fool and lies/distorts/dissembles about his personal facts which are easy to check. Any media professional knows that telling lies works well – if they can’t be checked.

He said he won the Brunei Medal at Sandhurst. The Sandhurst data base has no such award/medal in existence and has Ali winning nothing during his time there. Sounds about the right result for a ‘promising’ Egyptian officer.

He says he did a Bachelor of Military Sciences from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. That’s easy to answer. Sandhurst offers no degrees whatsoever to add to the truck load Ali claims he already has. You can do some courses with the Open University – but nothing close to the one claimed – and its from the Open University and they don't do anything, degree, diploma etc, in Military Sciences.

He said he did a language course in Lankland Base in Texas. They don’t do, and have never done, such a course.

He said he had studied a M.A. of Military Sciences from Commanders and General Staff College in the US. its possible but they don’t teach such a course they teach a Masters in Military Arts and Sciences. Most of their overseas students are Generals, Princes or Presidents so I’m a bit suspicious about his claim of having spent 2 years there and think he might have done a humble short course rather than a second MA.

He said he did another course at the School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth. They say they do “instruction on complex military issues at the strategic and operational levels.” I wonder about a person having gone to an awful Egyptian Military College being able to swim in that pool. They have no record of any Egyptian students. Maybe he’s doing a bit of double counting to flesh out the CV.

He said he went to the NATO Defense College in Rome to do an IT course. That it very odd. It was established by Eisenhower to train European officers. They have an interest on what is going on in Egypt but I cannot find a single record, other than Ali’s own CV, that Egyptians go there – why would they, the training objective of that college is the defense of Europe. I can also find no evidence from their own website that he was ever a student there or that they have more than the slightest passing interest in IT. I think he may have gone to a 2-3 day conference there - which he now inflates.

He claims 2 x Bachelors degrees and 2 x Masters degrees. Three years for each of the first and two years each for the second equals 10 years. More if they were honors Bachelors degrees, which they would have to have been to get into any Masters. So 12 years. The education was to train him in military leadership, strategy and actual killing but he ends up in Heliopolis Clubs smooging up. The taxpayer, either in Egypt, the UK or the USA paid for all of this and MA’s at peak military institutions would cost $US80-100,000 pa plus another $US40,000 pa or so for living expenses. So all up this chap cost minimum $US0.6 million. In addition he did other overseas and Egyptian courses so lets say 1 million – plus his salary. That’s a lot on one person for a poor country of 95 million people.

He wasn’t selected for his looks which is often a criteria for these type of jobs and places with a black story often go for a woman – but not Egypt. Sisi disagrees and says he is very attractive to women. I am curious why he needed to say this.


He is regarded within the Supreme Army as an intellectual which might not amount to much. The Washington Institute (center, pro-Israel, high academic standards and established by a pretty bright Australian Jew, Democratic Party Ambassador - Indyk) has had a close look at his US studies and the picture is anything but positive – except for his vaunting ambition. This is part of what they wrote:

“Ali's actual academic output -- specifically a thesis he wrote while studying in the United States (he claims he wrote 2) -- reflects an analysis of Egyptian history that is more grounded in fallacy than fact.

Titled "The Egyptian Way of War: A Tradition of Excellence Confronts the 21st Century," Ali's thesis is a dense survey of key military engagements and campaigns from the pharaonic, Islamic, and modern periods of Egyptian history. Ali attempts to trace the roots of

Egyptian strategic culture to find "uniquely Egyptian understandings of the art of war," which he believes "can suggest fresh ways of dealing with current and future challenges" facing the country.

… The content is often hyperbolic and teeming with nationalistic undertones.

Take, for example, Ali's analysis of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. According to him, Egypt's successes during it were "built upon ancient experience and the Islamic way of war." In reality, Egyptian strategy was mostly informed by Soviet military doctrine. But such an admission would undermine Ali's argument that Egypt has a coherent, centuries-old military tradition. As P.J. Vatikiotis observed, "Native Egyptians were never allowed to develop a tradition of military service or officer training" prior to the nineteenth century "since neither was open to them." Ali omits the fact that foreigners have had more of an influence on Egypt's modern military than any pharaoh or sultan.
Elsewhere Ali writes that "If one makes an allowance for the technological limitations of the Bronze Age, it is not difficult to conceive that the quality of generalship found in some Egyptian pharaohs was comparable to the best generalship of any period down to modern times." By what metric?

(The published expert comments on Sisi’s US thesis/essay are even worse but they do avoid the word moronic – but not by much)

The Institute describes Ali’s work, written as a mature adult, as vacuous. Its also probably based on the group think, delusional thinking which is pervasive in his military coterie. Therefore he will be at home in the Egyptian Army and rise to the top. ... s-spin-man

Another way of looking at Ali is that hundreds of thousands and years spent have not had much effect on his delusional Egyptian Army thinking. Is that just him or will general mental change in Egypt be hard. On the other hand young Egyptians who have gone to the west to work or study seem to get out of that ‘locked in’/robotic thinking. I suspect the truth is that the Military worked out long ago that 13 year old kids got into the Military Academy can be programmed for life.

I’ve found that CV’s of any prominent Egyptian when carefully examined to have many improbabilities, inconsistencies, exaggerations and lies. Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister for Investment is an example and also the wretched, failed UNESCO candidate. Also a ranting expat Egyptian features writer for al Ahram. It also happens in the West but those deceptions are more artfully constructed and concealed.

Like all ambitious people skating on thin ice Ali can explode in this case over former General Anan’s (Sisi’s enemy and competitor) publication of his version of 2011 – which didn’t paint a very positive view of the new Greatest General in History. Opinion and truth in Egypt are death.

“After releasing those memories in Al Watan, we found the official spokesperson of armed forces Col. Ali went ballistic issuing a statement warning of publishing alleged memories of ex-military men in that critical time without the army’s permission was a dangerous thing to the end of that talk. We knew that he was speaking about none other than Anan” ... -anan.html

Its interesting that he says that Anan was ‘ex-military’ but several years later the official line was reversed and the government said he had never resigned and was therefore a criminal. Its also an interesting view that whilst he might have retired for 20 years he still need Army permission to publish. Ali is a parrot in a nasty game. He should hope the NYT doesn’t have a close look at his CV and his vacuous essays.

If the people at the top are stupid, unskilled and untruthful is there any hope for Egypt.

Its one of many similar personal stories which clarifies why the country is in such a mess - the leadership just aren't equipped for power and responsibility - or for telling the truth.

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No there is no hope when this is going on..

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