Temporary exhibition in Luxor

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Temporary exhibition in Luxor

Post by newcastle »

Travel & Tourism News 5/09/2019
Archaeological exhibition, 2 cemeteries to be opened in Luxor

CAIRO - 5 September 2019: The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities is preparing to open a temporary exhibition at Luxor Museum early next week, in conjunction with the opening of two archaeological tombs after the completion of their restoration.

The Ministry of Antiquities invited local and foreign media outlets to participate in the opening of the exhibition.

The Ministry of Antiquities did not disclose the holdings of the antiquities exhibition or the name of the two tombs to be opened, desiring to keep the matter a secret until the official opening that will be attended by international media. It is the policy of the Ministry of Antiquities in the recent period to shed more light on its discoveries and archaeological activities.

Well that’s one way to engender interest....make it a big secret!! :lol:

If any Luxor members are interested, they can find more information at :

https://www.egypttoday.com/Article/4/74 ... d-in-Luxor

One of the items on display is the coffin of Tausert, a female of the 19th Dynasty who ruled briefly as pharaoh. Apparently, this item was only “discovered” 20 years ago, in another KV tomb, and has, presumably, been restored.

https://egyptfwd.org/Article/6/614/Egyp ... qL1ChTrXdY

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Re: Temporary exhibition in Luxor

Post by Who2 »

Met my mate Salima tonight, she's here for 5 days up in the V o K.
me: "filming ? her: "no just cataloging old sh*t.
Anyhow she's round for a few beers tomorrow pic's to follow!...'in shalla!
Ps: She has promised to mummify me one day,lol... 8)
Pss: There is also a channel 4 crew in the Winter Palace presently, filming series 3 of visiting Egypt..
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