Tomb Discovered in Alamein

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Tomb Discovered in Alamein

Post by Winged Isis »

Egyptian archaeological mission discovers tomb in Alamein
By: Egypt Today staff Wed, Jan. 17, 2018

CAIRO –17 January 2018: A tomb dating back to thesecond century has been uncovered at the Al-Alamein archaeological site in Matrouh Governorate of Egypt, according to an official press release statement from the Marina Antiquities site.

General Director of the site Naema Sanad reveals that the tomb contains a rock staircase leading down into the main chamber of the tomb, where burial holes known as “Locauli” are prominent.

She also reveals that the southern part of the tomb contains a Greek decoration on the wall, depicting a horn with a basin surrounded by drawn on leaves and flowers. The tomb had also seen renovations; a new chamber to the right of the entrance had been added long after construction.

According to the site’s senior inspector, Eman Abdel Khaleq, the excavation also uncovered multiple artifacts, ranging from a collection of coins that are the same age of the tomb to two lamps and multiple pottery vessels.

Ministry of Antiquities' head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector,AymanAshmawy, has stated that the mission was a close cooperation between the ministry and Al-Alamein city's board, which helped to provide the necessary workforce. Lastly, the Supreme Council of Antiquities has been sent to study the human remains in the tomb, finishing off the excavation.

Photos here: ... in-Alamein

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Re: Tomb Discovered in Alamein

Post by Who2 »

Pretty dangerous archeology up there methinks..
'One of the United Nations's missions estimated there are 19.7 million mines in the deserts of Egypt.... 8)
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Re: Tomb Discovered in Alamein

Post by Frater0082 »

I was going to tweet something about this. My question to Hawass is if he believes that the tomb of Ankhesenamun is still out there then what do you make of the KV21A mummy is she not Ankhesenamun?

Obviously there is something that he's not telling us and I'm beginning to think he knows alot more than he's sharing. Keep in mind it was Zahi who introduced the two mummies of KV21 to us. So what do you know?

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