Two Ancient Egyptian Fortresses Discovered

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Two Ancient Egyptian Fortresses Discovered

Post by Winged Isis »

Two Ancient Egyptian Fortresses Discovered In Tell El-Maskhuta

12/11/2017 07:00:00 PM

A joint Egyptian-Italian archaeological mission under the auspices of the National Research Council of Italy - Institute of Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CNR), in collaboration with Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities has discovered the remains of two ancient fortresses in Tell el- Maskhuta area in Wadi al-Tamilat, 15 km west of the city of Ismailia.

Dr. Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi, who heads of the mission, explains that the first fortress probably dates back to the late era judging by the thickness of the northern wall (about 22m).

It comprises of two walls, relatively close to each other, one of which is 10m wide and the other12m wide. Their height reaches at least 7m in parts. The wall of the eastern fortress is about 12m wide and 4m deep.

The second fortress was built on the ruins of layers from the Hyksos era (Second Intermediate Period) and dates to the 26th Dynasty, she adds. Its western wall is about 8m wide and the northern section is 7m wide and 5m tall.

Dr. Abdel Maksoud member of the Italian mission said that the newly discovered walls of the fortresses are built of mud bricks and are supported by defensive towers as usual in military castles.

The discovery is important because it adds to the history of military architecture in Egypt, because Tell el-Maskhuta represents an extraordinary example of ancient Egyptian fortress in the area of the Eastern passage way to the Nile.

Dr. Maksoud pointed out that the mission will prepare a project to revive the history of the area and its monuments and will begin by preserving the walls of the fortresses. It also plans to complete the excavation work, which is expected to reveal more about the sites.

Source: Ministry of Antiquities [December 11, 2017]

Read more, including photos at https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot ... rx0uXjM.99

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Re: Two Ancient Egyptian Fortresses Discovered

Post by BBLUX »

Some very interesting finds. Dr Maksoud showed me some pictures from these sites back in early 2013. He wanted me to do aerial photography over the sites because of their huge size. I felt, for a foreigner, it was not appropriate or secure enough to be operating a remote aerial camera system in that area at that time. I guess things area safer now. Good luck to them. There is a line of these ancient forts, many still to be uncovered and documented.

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Re: Two Ancient Egyptian Fortresses Discovered

Post by Hafiz »

BBLUX - Thanks.

I assume that your reference to 'ariel' photography is about planes/balloons/drones. You will also be aware that this, or the use of satellite imagery, is a bit of a fashion, heavily, and dubiously, self-promoted in the TV media by particular people, in identifying 'new options' in Egyptian archaeology (whilst a something decades old approach in all other countries).

What I find interesting is how much new technology, widely used in general archaeology in the world, is rarely used by the 'diggers' in Egypt. DNA (plants/humans/animals) is another example of technology generally ignored. A better understanding of land form/soil/food/economics etc also seems frequently ignored in the mania that is digging up tombs/temples.

I think you know or guess that remote sensing/ariel photography has big potential in Egypt - but is, I guess, not generally fashionable. Its also very cheap.

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