Gebal el-Silsila: 4 Intact Burials For Children

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Gebal el-Silsila: 4 Intact Burials For Children

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Ministry of Antiquities

Aswan witnessed a series of archaeological discoveries carried out by several joint Egyptian-Foreign missions in different archaeological sites.
Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities announced.
He explains that the Swedish-Egyptian mission working at Gebal el-Silsila area succeed to uncover 4 intact burials for children, while the Austrian mission at the archaeological hill in Kom Ombo town uncovered part of a First Intermediate Period cemetery and the Egyptian-Swiss mission in Aswan has discovered an incomplete statue dating back to the Greco-Roman era.

Dr.Ayman Ashmawy, Head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities explains that the 4 burials discovered in Gebel el-Silsila are dating back to the 18th dynasty and it consists of a rock-hewn burial for a child between two and three years old and his mummy still retains its linen wrapping and is surrounded by some organic material from the remains of a wooden coffin.

The Secound burial is for a child aged between six and nine years old founded inside a wooden coffin, while the third burial is of a child between the ages of five and eight years both of which contain many funerary furniture, including amulets and a set of pottery. The fourth burial is for a child between the ages of five and eight years too, and it is not clear exactly the cause of his death.

Dr. Maria Nilsson Head of the Swedish mission said that the mission succeed during the previous excavation works to uncover many burials but the new discovery Is shedding more light on known the burial customs used in the Thutmosid period as well as the social, economic and religious life of people during this period.
She continues that the mission will conduct more studies and researches on those burials.

The Egyptian-Austrian archaeological mission in Kom Ombo, led by Dr. Irene Foster uncovered a part of a cemetery from the First Intermediate Period, with a number of cemeteries and mud-brick tombs founded inside it numerous of pottery vessels and grave goods.

Dr. Foster explains that that the preliminary study reveals that it is mostly built on top of earlier tombs.

She continues that below the cemetery the mission uncovered remains of an Old Kingdom town with a ceiling impression of king Sahure (5th Dynasty).

Abdel Moneim Saeed General Director of Aswan and Nubia Antiquities said that the Egyptian-Swiss mission working on the ancient city of Aswan, headed by Wolfgang Muller unearthed an incomplete statue of a headless woman and her feet and right hand are missing. It is carved in limestone and measures 14x9 in width and the thickness of the top 3 cm and the bottom 7 cm.

Preliminary study on the statue reveals that it belongs to a lady and the dress she wears is similar to that of the Greek goddess “Artemis” God of hunting and wildness and the god of procreation, virginity and fertility combined with the goddess Isis and Bastet. The statue has been moved to the museum stores in Aswan Antiquities site.

More here:
https://gebelelsilsilaepigraphicsurveyp ...

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