New Monuments Ticket & Pass prices

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Re: New Monuments Ticket & Pass prices

Post by Dusak »

I have a very desirable miniature sceptre and two red rubies. :up [how big can you zoom in on here? ]

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Re: New Monuments Ticket & Pass prices

Post by Horus »

I have some cameras that will take Macro images if that helps ;)
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Re: New Monuments Ticket & Pass prices

Post by Winged Isis »

Found this on Facebook today.

The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture
20 hrs ·
An interesting post by Victor Solking on his experience using the new passes to see monuments in Egypt. Worth a read!
"Dear friends,
I’d like to share some important information about Cairo Pass and Luxor Pass based on my own experience. First of all these two options are very effective, nice and comfortable for those who plan to see many monuments at short time. It will save your time, money and will make your trip more productive. Don’t forget, that the Luxor Pass has as option tombs of Sety I and Nefertari, always excluded even from the archaeological permissions.
The Cairo Pass. It costs 80 dollars and will be valid for 5 days. You can buy it at the Ministry of Antiquities’ Office at Zamalek, in Giza or in the Egyptian Museum. If you’d like to use the last (and easy to visit) place, you should prepare yourself that nobody knows where you can purchase your treasure. So, you should prepare your photo as in passport, a photocopy of your passport (exactly the same size as the original) and $80 in cash. Please, note: that they will not have any change and the payment could be done only in dollars or euro. So you need $80 and not $100. Madame Magda, who is responsible for issuing the Pass has her office at the second room to the left after the main entrance of the Museum (I spent quite a long time to find her, so this information, believe me, is very useful). You should use some Arabic as she is not a fluent speaker of English. You should also check the quality of the stamp for the Pass or you would have some problems with guardians on sites. Don’t try to find her before 11 AM – use this information to make your correct plans for the day. The Cairo Pass will let you visit all monuments in Cairo, including Giza (with Khufu Boat museum), Saqqara, Dahshour. Be ready to spend some time, when a guardian sees the Cairo Pass for the first time – I met this situation in Saqqara New Kingdom area and at the Gayer-Anderson museum.
The Luxor Pass. It has two options: Sety I and Nefertari tombs included or not. This season you have the discount of 50 percents for the Luxor Pass if you have bought your Cairo Pass the same month. So, for the full permission, including great tombs you would pay $80 only and not $160. If you are a student and have your student card with you, you will pay even less. You will find the office of Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, the Director of Public Relations of Luxor Department of the Supreme Council of Antiquities just behind the Luxor Museum, if you turn left from its entrance. He is very kind but you, again, should have exactly $80, 2 copies of your passport and your photo. It will take some time to arrange everything. Don’t forget to take the business card of Mr. Khalifa with his phone number as it could be very useful with some inspectors. I have some problems with a very lazy person in Tutankhamun’s tomb and a phone call could be used as an alarm. In fact, the Luxor area knows the Pass much better and would save you a terrible amount of money.
These two Passes is a great and very useful idea. But you should also use my comments in order to save your time and efforts. Have a good luck!"
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Re: New Monuments Ticket & Pass prices

Post by newcastle »

Great post WI

I have heard of people who've had the Luxor pass and had all sorts of hassle using it. Whether this is poor knowledge on the guardians' part , or attempted skullduggery...I leave to your imagination!

Having Ahmed Khalifa's name and number is a very good idea!
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