Abu Simbel actually is Memnon?

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Abu Simbel actually is Memnon?

Post by Frater0082 »

One time I was listening to a podcast with Egyptologist Kara Cooney and she said some interesting stuff about the past and one of those things were the fact that Ramses II actually stole from Amenhotep III. It never occurred to me that he may have until I did my own research and was like huh perhaps she was right.

I think Ramses II dismantled Memnon and reused it for Abu Simbel and some other works. Amenhotep III was just that great of a king to have followed but Ramses wasn't all that great.

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Re: Abu Simbel actually is Memnon?

Post by Horus »

Frater, many Pharaohs usurped other’s building and statues, hence the practice of putting one’s cartouche under a foot or behind the statue so that the ‘gods’ would know the real owners name. Ramesses II like many others would over carve inscriptions to lay claim to something they fancied, take a look at the depth of the inscriptions of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu Temple, they are purposely cut so deep that they could not be over cut by anyone else. As for stealing a whole monument, nothing new there either, it is now known that the city of Tanis in Egypt was originally the even more ancient city of Pi-Rameses (as in the bible) that once stood on the Pelusiac branch of the river Nile and was moved to the present Tanis location when this branch silted up.

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