Egyptian Leaders - Supporters of Hitler.

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Egyptian Leaders - Supporters of Hitler.

Post by Hafiz »

Even after the second war Sadat continued to express open admiration for Hitler in a letter he sent to the Egyptian daily Al Mussawar on September 18, 1953:

“Dear Hitler, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality you are the victor. You succeeded in creating dissensions between Churchill, the old man, and his allies, the Sons of Satan. [emphasis added] Germany will win because her existence is necessary to preserve the world balance. Germany will be reborn in spite of the Western and Eastern powers. There will be no peace unless Germany once again becomes what she was. The West, as well as the East, will pay for her rehabilitation-whether they like it or not. Both sides will invest a great deal of money and effort in Germany in order to have her on their side, which is of great benefit to Germany. So much for the present and the future. As for the past, I think you made mistakes, like too many battlefronts and the shortsightedness of Ribbentrop vis-a vis the experienced British diplomacy. But your trust in your country and people will atone for those blunders. We will not be surprised if you appear again in Germany or if a new Hitler rises up in your wake.” ... story.html

Deranged. In 1953, Sadat praised Adolf Hitler as an ‘immortal leader’. (these chaps have the uniformly great judgment of world leaders).

That the UN is now talking about some posthumous awards to Sadat is an outrage.

Nasser was also an extreme anti-Semite who supported mass murder/extermination. As Nasser so ‘brilliantly’ put it he would ‘eventually put an end to Israel…We will liquidate her…” So many of his speeches were hysterical rants – and therefore popular in brain dead Egypt.

Another telling quote from Nasser that only Egypt thinks a hero – the rest of the region have edited him out “We shall not enter Palestine with its soil covered in sand. We shall enter it with its soil saturated in blood.” (March 8, 1965).

Nasser was ill-educated but egotistical and impulsive and believed in that Nazi propaganda rot about a Jewish World Conspiracy the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (absurd and fake book about a Jewish world conspiracy still sold at the Cairo ‘International’ Book Fair and liked by Churchill until he was told it was a fake ... iewofbooks) The simpleton and gull Nasser publically claimed that ‘three hundred Zionists … govern the fate of the European Continent’. Whoever believes such a thing must of course deny the Holocaust. Nasser denied it directly. Other rants include: ‘No one … takes seriously the lie about six million Jews who were murdered’[44]) and indirectly, by claiming that ‘Ben-Gurion … has killed as many Arabs as Hitler killed Jews’. – six million more or less – there have never been 6 million Palestinians and definitely not in the 50’s.

This rot was spread around the region and by Nasser;’s propaganda to infect the minds of simple Egyptians. The German loss of the war, the war crimes trials and the public exposure of the extermination camps did nothing to undermine these Nazi views.

I will post another time on the multiple scores of on the run German war criminals who helped build Nasser's police state and fuel the anti-semitism. The number is larger and the positions in government more powerful than anything that happened in Hollywood's version of the South American escapees.

A brief academic article on anti-semitic propaganda in Egypt. ... off-pp.pdf

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