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Here in the City of London is a brand new building, or should I say two joined together by a bridge right in the heart of the city. Designed by the genius Norman Foster and brought into life for us all to see by Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd is the new European H.Q. Building to accommodate up to 6,500 staff on ten floors that is the Bloomburg Building.

Quite recently this building was officially opened by Mr Michael Bloomburg himself, for years my interest has always been with regards to the preservation of the little known Shrine of Mithras, a mysterious Roman god, originally from the East., which was first discovered in 1954. When the previous building was demolished in 2010, Mr Bloomburg not only guaranteed the presivation of this site deep below present day London, he would also instruct and pay for additional search for further evidence of this shrine. As good as his word, 14,000 further objects were discovered.

Today as you arrive at the main entrance to the centre on Cannon Street, you encounter a water display that recreate the now "Forgotten Streams" that were once in Roman times the River Walbrook. This modern creation architecturally itself is astounding for its ghostly presence., and as much as I would love to tell you more about this astonishing building, my duty here is to inform you of the shrine itself.

Previously, I have written on this forum how I believe museums of our modern age need to move on with the vision that the young of today demand. I remember writing on here about my visit to Xian in China and how in a modern term it invited worldwide tourist with high tec visual effects that were utterly astounding, and that other tourist nations must learn from this especially Egypt, in their attempt to given a modern prospective and visual idea of ancient life.

There is a special separate entrance to view the shrine, I am told you must book via email, though out of tourist season this should not be necessary, like I have said previously about other London sites. Many of the recent finds are on display before you take the many steps deep into the basement. Where you will hear a lecture by amongst others, you are sure to recognise the voice of Miss Lumley, after this you are invited to enter the area that was once the Mithras Shrine. The lighting and sounds almost give the feel and smell that you are there 2000 years ago.

More than seven years ago Michael Bloomburg told the Museum of London that he would bring that shrine back to life,.........he was wrong, what he created with the Mithras Shrine will change how we encounter archeology worldwide from today onwards.

Entry to the shrine is FREE.

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