Hawass’ Opera “Tutankhamun” to open GEM

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Hawass’ Opera “Tutankhamun” to open GEM

Post by newcastle »

Professor of Egyptology Ahmed Badran announced that the inauguration of the Grand Egyptian Museum is slated for November, and will witness the grand debut of the Opera Tutankhamun.

During a phone-in with TeN satellite channel, Badran said that the opening ceremony has been assigned to an international company specialized in organizing cultural events, and the opening will last over ten days.

The opening ceremony will be accompanied by cultural segments, including the debut of Opera Tutankhamun, which is written by Zahi Hawass, to be played in the Egyptian Opera House before the opening of the museum, he said.

https://egyptindependent.com/gem-opens- ... ptologist/

So...another date for your diaries folks! November.

Barring a miraculous change in the UK government appraisal of Egypt as a covid risk....there won’t be many attendees from UK.

Perhaps they’re the lucky ones. I’m not sure what experience Hawass has in writing the libretto of operas, but, if it matches his egyptological skills.....the audience could be in for a shock.

Apparently, the plot features an attempt by Nefertiti to murder Tutankhamun in order to put one of her daughters on the throne.

Dr. Hawass spoke at the launch of his new exhibition “Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharoah” at London Saatchi Gallery where he disclosed, “I wrote the opera and we offered it to the museum for the opening, and they agreed.” He added that it would be “nice to stage it also in the West Valley of the Kings in 2022,” which marks the centennial anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb by the late Egyptologist Howard Carter.

At the risk of ruining your day.....the promo video :

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Re: Hawass’ Opera “Tutankhamun” to open GEM

Post by Who2 »

I first met 'the Prat in the hat way back on the Giza Plateau well over 20 years ago.
I have friends that have known him for even longer and locally to Luxor
the older generation can tell of many 'discourteous tales regarding him.

From my first meeting with him and on recurring meets have always found him to be insolent, uncouth, churlish, obtuse, and the rest.

As a wise man once stated to me "If you cannot not be affected then do not deal, 'I repeat do not deal."

Trouble is, 'over the last 20 odd years I still want to punch him in the face....
especially when he interrupts my lunch time aperitifs at The Marsam..... 8)
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