Travel advice from the FCO 16-03-20

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Travel advice from the FCO 16-03-20

Post by DJKeefy »

#Egypt The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advise against all but essential travel to Egypt due to the suspension of flights to and from Egypt from 19 March until 31 March.


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Re: Travel advice from the FCO 16-03-20

Post by Who2 »

Another message from my mate, he who knows all......

"Ha – you may well be eating bacon and pork but we have bum washers on our bogs !!!!!!!!!

That report on Egypt airports closing is complete and utter crap – there’s going to be restrictions on international flights but internal flights will still be used to transfer food and goods around the country – had it all explained to us at yesterday's meeting.

All movements are being controlled by the World Health Organisation here, who with local and central government seem to have got things under control ----- (at the moment at least)

Left ****** this morning while the hotel was being disinfected – smelt lovely

Paddy’s night party tonight which should be fun – will post some pics tomorrow

Didn’t know about the over 70’s thing until you mentioned it – makes sense considering where you are

Ah well – time to wake the misses up and get some more coffee down our throats – early down to ***** later to decorate and get things ready

Enjoy the pig

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Re: Travel advice from the FCO 16-03-20

Post by HEPZIBAH »

I think the comment about internal flights will probably be true for most countries.

I would go as far as to suggest that not all airports will fully close, in any given country. There will still be a need for some commercial transport for import/export purposes - for a while anyway...probably until the militatary take control everywhere (and in that Egypt are a step or 100 ahead of the UK.
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Re: Travel advice from the FCO 16-03-20

Post by newcastle »

The Red Sea governorate is moving fast.

All hotels closed and quarantined. Presumably no new guests will be accepted and current guests will have to leave as soon as they practicably can....not easy given absence of flights.

The effect on business and staff will be cataclysmic.....especially as there no end in sight to the crisis and limited state resources available to help those affected.

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