The rising Costs of Living in Egypt.

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The rising Costs of Living in Egypt.

Post by Who2 »

Now, I know we have all had it pretty easy here over the years, subsidies here and there.
Now seems the time we all have to start to 'coughing-up...spluttering-up more like....

El Sisi is getting his act together. My electric meter has been read twice once by a really
'pathetic secret policeman, posing as a meter reader and Officially a few months ago by a couple of suits.

Obvious of having being made aware of the 'new order of things to descend upon us,
actions were set in motion, nefarious actions too nefarious to mention here..
So after 15 years of 'not having had my meter read, my monthly bill in Jan was 1800 le having risen from 80 le!

March: 792 le.
May: 4,710 le
They are grabbing back all those years of living the high life.

And I am not the only one, most the villagers are freaking-out as well...
We had 5 of them discussing the bill with me just now..
The collector guy is Ok! he said " They will send the Police around!
I said: "Our Dogs love biting Policemen,... or anybody else for that matter... 8)

Ps: "Don't be downhearted"..... 'Onward and upward: 'I'd better come-up with some 'money-making scheme pdq!

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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Re: The rising Costs of Living in Egypt.

Post by Horus »

Quote "'Onward and upward"

Seems to describe your leccy bill perfectly. :lol: :lol:
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Re: The rising Costs of Living in Egypt.

Post by BBLUX »

Time to rethink/revisit your solar/wind electricity generation systems.

Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
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Re: The rising Costs of Living in Egypt.

Post by John Landon »

The Saudis are well and truly on top of that. New cities that are dedicated solar powered and even have aircon in the streets all powered by convection and air pressure differences.. Clever stuff...
Narrow streets that prevent sunlight hitting the houses and underground streets for the cars, which are also electric.

They know Oil is a finite resource and times are changing, the demand for oil will drop to next to nothing in the coming years, and they have invested those oil $$$$$ very wisely for thier future.

MyDaughter has solar panels on her roof, free electicity during daylight hours and what she does not use, she gets paid for at about 5 p per unit. Obviously in the good old capitalist traditoion she pays 10 p a unit for the eletricity she uses from them.

If only there was a way of digging electricity up out of the ground.......
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