Car accidents in Egypt down by 24% in 2018

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Car accidents in Egypt down by 24% in 2018

Post by DJKeefy »

The number of reported car accidents in Egypt fell by nearly a quarter last year, according to new figures from the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS).

Some 8,480 accidents were recorded in 2018 compared to 11,089 accidents in 2017, a decrease of 23.6 per cent. CAPMAS explained the figures are a result of improved roads across the country.

However the death toll remains high; accidents left 3,087 people dead, 11,803 injured and 13,441 vehicles damaged. In more than three out of every four cases, the incident was the result of a fault of the driver or other passengers.

According to data from the World Health Organisation, a lack of road safety in the world is the leading cause of mortality in low-income and middle-income countries, particularly among young people.

The report also noted that whilst the rate of car accidents had fallen, train accidents had increased by 14 per cent to 2,044 accidents in 2018.

Lower Egypt’s governorates witnessed the largest number of train crashes, recording 1,364 accidents; most cases were the result of vehicle collisions, including a crash in the northern province of Beheira left 15 people dead and a further 16 injured.

Fatal train crashes and accidents have been frequent occurrence in Egypt for the past two decades. Observers attribute such crashes to old equipment, poor maintenance and inefficient government regulation.

In 2017, Egypt’s general prosecutor referred six persons to trial for “extreme negligence” after 44 people were killed and at least 200 were injured in a crash in the province of Alexandria. The country’s deadliest rail accident occurred near Cairo in 2002, when a fire ripped through an overcrowded passenger train, killing more than 370 people.

Egypt’s Transport Minister Kamel Al-Wazir announced last month that the ministry is currently negotiating a $2 billion loan agreement with some international financial institutions to finance the development of the transport sector. Under the ambitious plan, the national railway system would be completely renovated by the middle of next year.

In February, Cairo’s main railway station witnessed a major incident after a fire, leaving at least 25 killed and 50 others injured. The state-run National Railway Authority later reported that the blaze was triggered by a high-speed train colliding with a concrete buffer stop. The train’s fuel tank reportedly exploded after the crash, setting a platform and nearby buildings on fire.

The crash sparked a wave of anger across social media networks, with Egyptian activists slamming the country’s poor infrastructure. The incident had also prompted the former transport minister, Hisham Arafat, to resign and several station workers were detained on charges of negligence.

Source: ... 4-in-2018/


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Re: Car accidents in Egypt down by 24% in 2018

Post by hatusu »

It only seems to mention car and rail accidents. No mention of motorbikes?(Obviously negligible of course.........)

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Re: Car accidents in Egypt down by 24% in 2018

Post by Who2 »

Fake News ?
"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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Re: Car accidents in Egypt down by 24% in 2018

Post by A-Four »

Who2 wrote:
Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:17 am
Fake News ?
Not quite sure that what we read in the Cairo press these days is fake news, but one thing is for sure, it is carefully staged managed. Sometimes I read this forum to see that a number of people simply copy and paste, though it is so rare that they make a comment themselves, no matter what section of this forum they post. For those who live in Luxor, I can understand why not, especially when it comes to politics, but for the rest it would be far more interesting to read their slant on an issue, after all that is what a forum is all about, especially those that once lived there.

Hatusu above raises an interesting point, one that is a result of news from the past. After the so called revolution it was discovered Egypt's finances were in a dreadful state, and to put that right the population must suffer, in this case it was mainly the poor, and very poor. The subsidy on fuel were vastly reduce, people who once were bus and taxi drivers suddenly found over night they had become inexperienced put-put drivers, or worse still 50cc motorcycle riders. God only know how many of those people, on the WB alone has died in the past couple of years.

With regard recent staged managed news, while this referendum takes up this weeks interest, few will have noticed this week that a report by Egypt's finance minister has set out a report to include the need of receipts for revenue increases for the 2019/20 Budget. It is proposed that the present subsidy on fuel is to be cut by 40%, and for those who think that is bad, the electricity subsidy is to be reduced by 75%.

We here also this week that all this is music to the ears of Madame Lagarde (IMF), who is certainly no friend of the poor, however Egypt's foreign minister stated this week that export of goods of non oil were poor,...........well all I can say to that is, after such a MASSIVE devaluation of the LE, foreign currency should be flooding in,........something wrong somewhere.

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Re: Car accidents in Egypt down by 24% in 2018

Post by newcastle »

Many vehicle accidents - especially those not involving serious injury- go unreported so the statistical drop is meaningless.

Often one, or both, drivers will have been indulging in substance abuse and therefore not too keen to involve the police.

Egyptian drivers must be about the worst in the world regarding road safety, manners, skills etc.

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