Fundamental Change.

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Fundamental Change.

Post by Hafiz »

Max Rodenbeck was the long term correspondent for The Economist based in Cairo (The Economist has largely given up on Cairo and publishes mainly exceptionally scathing criticisms of Egypt) and spent much of his youth there. His father taught at AUC at a time when decent western academics worked there and there was an environment of debate. A long time ago and definitely not the AUC now. ... =1&vwsrc=0 (sorry can’t post more my monthly usage is exhausted)

As many may know The Economist is the most important finance, economics and politics magazine in the world read by political and business leaders in sane countries. Usually its tone is very sober and its writing and logical style is universally copied for brevity and clarity. It is quite unlike Egyptian newspapers – its journalists can read, write and think.

In previous times correspondents were based in the region for decades, spoke a few local languages and could read and write. Alas there is little of that now which explains why the press coverage is now shallow and Trump/Boris like. Thank god Reuters hangs on and has its fangs out.

He is the author of the acclaimed Cairo The City Victorious. ... rtimt.html ... 79960.html

In his recent UN University presentation he talks about the paranoid style of politics in Egypt and the Middle East. Its interesting and informed but shows that there are problems in fundamental Egyptian thought processes and emotions which will not change easily – if ever.

As a western journalist he welcomes open debate and contrary views in an academic environment. Don't think local journalists do - whether in fora in Egypt or the west because western groups might pick up that their CV's are fraudulent or they might face demonstrations.

However, to be a cynic, fundamental change would mean those with the guns and money (who dogmatically oppose change in all its forms) loosing power/abandoning their fundamental thinking - can't see that happening in a calm and reformist way given that reform seems a 'foreign' process in Egypt.

Whether there are similar academic debates by journalists in Cairo, say for example at the AUC, of fundamental Egyptian issues I leave you to guess. Fundamental change, rather than new debt fueled ego projects, might be the real need after 70 years of repetitive mess and might be worth debating before it becomes 80 years of the same.

The Economist’s most recent view (in almost satirical tone which is odd for a sober business magazine) is at: ... sive-sinai. The article implies government nervousness, self doubt and, maybe, paranoia.

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Re: Fundamental Change.

Post by Winged Isis »

Cairo The City Victorious, I read that a while back. Thanks for the reminder; I'll dig it out for another go before my next visit. I've just started Peter Greste's 'The First Casualty' this morning.
Carpe diem! :le:

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Re: Fundamental Change.

Post by carrie »

Just dug it out round the pool reading tomorrow.

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