An economic view from a higher perspective..

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An economic view from a higher perspective..

Post by Who2 »

Around this time of the year my Birthday, I start to ascend to my roof.
Idly reclining supping a 'mint julep gazing at the never forgotten landscape.
Mari Girgis is soon to be upon us, how do I know this ? easy thousands upon thousands of Coptic's start to pass me by with their
total household possessions including, I may add their kitchen sinks.
All heading South....
But first are all the truck loads of cows & sheep all heading South to Mari Girgis.
So what has this all got to do with the Egyptian economy ?
A lot, sod the lack of tourists this economy is booming, how do I know this ?
Simple, I have a higher perspective, sitting looking down upon the Cairo road and all it's traffic back & forth.
Many small shops and industries close but far more are started and one doesn't see many old cars on the roads these days. Does one ?
Life was far slower when I first arrived in Egypt mostly donkey's and a few taxi drivers, one of whom I still employ No3 old Abu Sitar.
Now it's all motor bikes and fresh Tarmac (asfelt) abundant everywhere..
So sod the 'kiss me quick lot, "We don't have a beach or even pyramids and 30 years of them was far more than enough..
Oh! and all those expats mistakingly thinking that this is a land of milk & honey, think again!
So wanna-be 'lotus eaters eat your hearts out Margate beckons.... 'carpet slippers & Coronation St 24/7.... 8)
Ps: Rogers' right although he's a Leo..

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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